Speak into the listening of the listener

December 24, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how enriching can be used as a sure test to measure our spiritual growth. When we have imbibed the spiritual truths, enriching becomes a great excitement! When we provide authentic listening for others, we can speak into their listening, moving an inspiring them! Let us be authentic listeners, continuously inspiring others, living in eternal enrichment. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, the seventh day of the Nithyanandotsava! Seventh day of the Brahmotsava! All the Saptha Murthis, the main six Sampradayas in the Hindu tradition -- worshipping Ganapathi, worshipping Subramanya, and worshipping Surya and Navagrahas, worshipping Shiva, worshipping Devi, worshipping Vishnu, and worshipping the Guru -- the seven major traditions of Hinduism is represented through the Saptha Murthis' presence here. Today is the seventh day of the Jayanthi Brahmotsava. Today evening we will be having Rathotsava. Nithyanandeshwara will be gracing all of us and the whole Nithyanandapuri, Nithyananda Nagara, in the chariot. I'll continue to share the essence of this whole year's satsangh in these next few days. One of the important contribution of this year's satsanghs, I not only wanted to stop with the word "contribution", I wanted to say "the way we all reinvented ourselves", the way the whole Sangha reinvented ourselves, is Integrity and Authenticity. Understand, I am not saying we have become authentic; but we know the right reason for our problems. Understand, knowing the right reason for our problems is solving the problems 90%. If you know the right reason, 90% of the problem is solved. Vivekananda says, 'Right beginning is Completion'. I don't want to say the whole Sangha has become completely authentically authentic; but I can say with all the confidence and Integrity and Authenticity that now the Sangha knows the right reason for the problems. When I say "Sangha", I don't mean only the organization, I mean every individual is a Sangha, every individual discovering the right reason for their problems. Please understand, if you discover the right reason for your business problems, I can say 90% of the problem is solved. If you are fighting, struggling with the wrong reasons, never the solution is arrived. Integrity and Authenticity is an amazing way we reinvented ourselves. We have reinvented way to exist. We have redefined our existence, way of life. We have redefined our reality. We may not have become completely authentic but we know where we are inauthentic, why we are inauthentic, and we know how to become authentic. I tell you, I do not know about other religions, but in Hinduism, if you can inspire, guide, enlighten hundred people, you can enlighten the whole Hinduism, because it is so much freedom-based religion. In hundred people, all the specimens of Ravana, Hiranyakashipu, Shoorpanaka, Hiranyaksha, Kamsa, Karna, Tarakasura, Triparasura, in that hundred all specimens. All asuras and all devas -- and you will have Krishna, Rama, Devendra, Brahma. You will have all specimens, all gods and demons in that hundred, because "choice" is the core message of Hinduism. It gives so much of choice. Such an amazing variety produced without compromising on the theology. Please understand, Upanishads are like a "Think Tank". All the important concepts -- what is life, what is karma, what is death, what is religion, what is dharma -- main concepts are compiled in the form of a Think Tank in Upanishad. Each Purana makes those great ideas into applied reality of your life. Mahabharata; along with the recording of the history of India, Bharat, Vyasa has done an amazing job of explaining all the important concepts and truths about life. Where will you find a better character portraying dedication than Bhishma? Where will you find a better character describing friendliness than Karna? Unimaginable dedication to that one ideology. Please listen, unimaginable dedication to that one ideology. So, each concept of Upanishads have become one character. That is the way Vyasa has recorded the Indian history. That is why, please understand, the newspapers can never be re-read, ultimate concepts will never be exciting; but Vyasa has mixed the ultimate concepts and the newspaper together. Please listen, tabloids are always exciting but can't be read every day; you will not take the newspaper which is published ten years before and read today. A newspaper is exciting only twenty-four hours, because it is a "happening", the day-to-day news, history. Same way, the spiritual concepts will be read all over the world throughout the times, but it will not be exciting; you will never get excited when you read Upanishad. Please listen; it's a very important concept, very important truth. Age-old truths, ultimate truths never excites you, and the things which excites you can never be read regularly.

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