Stop this Dirty Self-Denial

January 2, 2014


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how any concepts that shrink or constrain us into our body are a bondage and likewise any concepts that expand us can liberate us. Sacred joy is experienced through expansion, adding strength to our consciousness. When we cause enlightenment in ourselves and others, we burn self-doubt and life begins in us. Our life becomes joyful, powerful, and we experience the truths. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. I'll continue to expand on "Causing Enlightenment". I think, today is the last day of this year's satsanghs. Am I right? So I have successfully completed my commitment of every day satsangh, only with the 21-day break. By appearing in today's satsangh on time, I have successfully completed my commitment. This year beginning I committed to all of you that every day I'll be here for satsangh. Only if unavoidable circumstances, 21-days maximum leave. Followed it and with appearance today here, I have successfully completed my commitment to all of you. I thank the divine, Kalabhairava, for supporting me, because, many time I missed and Kalabhairava elongated time and saved my integrity. And the whole Sachala Murthy Seva team which is behind the screen. Putting all their efforts and making sure everything is there for me on time and to come and sit here for the satsangh. Even the travel plans they make, whether I go to Bali, or Malaysia, Indonesia, any country they have to make the travel plans such a way that I cannot miss satsang. It has to be only between satsang to satsang. So beautiful. I sincerely thank the whole Sachala Murthy Team, the team which is supporting me in my work and Kalabhairava, Mahadeva, who adjusted time few times at least to keep me in the space of integrity. So happy. Actually, I tell you only when I am telling you it looks big; otherwise I don't feel it is big; so smoothly it happened. Only now I remembered, 'wow, beautiful!' So, with the blessings of Kalabhairava, with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, I commit with all of you guys, again next year, whole year we will have morning satsangh and Nithya Kalpataru Darshan wherever I am, means, whichever centres I am travelling. And I don't even feel like taking a grace period means for some unavoidable circumstances; anyhow I commit at least with you guys, it will be less than this year's leave that's all. I much I commit with you guys, it will surely be less than this year's leave. We will have Nithya Satsangh and Nithya Kalpataru Darshan. I'll be there for all you guys, with you guys, whichever city or country I am travelling to take Inner Awakening or classes, for whatever purposes. The holidays will be surely less than this year's; means, less than 21 days. I give you guys my commitment through this declaration. I request Kalabhairava's blessings and Sangha's blessings for me to make this a reality. Understand, Sangha is a powerful component of me which has a right to bless! See it is like, when I am coughing, I ask my own intestine and the throat and all that, 'Please bless me and don't cough, let me give Satsang.' Even though it is my own part I ask for its blessings and it responds, it really responds. When I ask for blessings! It says, 'Okay. Alright, alright! We won't disturb you, you continue.' So great. I'll expand on "Causing Enlightenment", which is the essence of this whole year's satsanghs. This "causing enlightenment", let me explain some of the basic sacred principles of life: Whichever, whatever conditions, understandings, facts, concepts, constrains you into your own body is "bondage". Whichever concept, principle, truth, philosophy, facts expands you is "liberation". Listen! Whichever concepts, philosophies, truths, facts constrains you into your own body, into yourself, into you, you, you, is "bondage". Whichever philosophy, whichever principles, whichever concepts, whichever truths expands you is "liberation". Whichever principle restrains you, constrains you into your body, whichever principles shrinks you is "bondage". Whatever principle expands you is "liberation". This is the basic truth; this is "shruti", irrevocable, unchangeable, eternal principles, Nithya Tattvas. I could see, suddenly, a big gush of energy in all of them. Some of my great Sannyasis who will not be affected by anything on the world, who have crossed the bounds and limits of Paramahamsa and Paramaparamahamsa. People like Nithya Stananda - he mistook the meaning of his name. Nithya Stananda means being stable inside but unfortunately he started becoming stable outside also. Even they all started feeling new energy and fresh lease of life in them. I was so happy; I was able to make my whole Sannyasis, the joy of expansion. Everyone invariably was telling, 'Wow. It is so joyful to be part of others. It's such a joy.'

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