Strategy to Make Your Enemy Stupid and Powerless!

March 19, 2014


17th March, 2014 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda In today's morning Satsang in Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives us the technique that will make our enemies stupid! We can win any war, disarming our enemies by living in the space of Advaita. This space brings us such peace and non-violence to our inner space -- no one can attack us! The space of Advaita brings such clarity, confidence and the grace of God to be sure about ourselves. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Please understand, today I wanted to expand on some of the sacred secrets about Creating a Space. Please understand, creating a space for what you want and making it as reality has to be done every day as a spiritual practice. Don't stop doing it because you are not successful once or twice. Listen! Listen! Basically, you always have fear about the spiritual zones of you, because in the spiritual zones of you, naturally your higher self will become active, the higher self becomes alive! It is unfortunate that human-beings do not enjoy the higher self for various reasons. You have various chaos, cause, hidden cause, hidden chaos. Some people may not always want to be in their higher self just because they can live that lazy life. No, really! Please understand! Never ever miss being in higher self for any reasons. Never ever avoid being in the space of Completion for any reason. Your logic, your energy, should never ever convince you not to be in the space of enlightenment. Please listen! The whole logical power you have should be constantly used to remind you, convince you, inspire you, impress you towards the Advaitic space. A few days before, we were having a "teamily" dinner. Again, this is a new word by me. "Teamily" means, team and family together. Team plus family is "teamily". This one thing I can tell you with all my integrity: My teamily is the best in the world! It is not an easy joke to have your CEO itself as your father, mother, friend, everyone, because he has to put work-pressure also on you, he has to show and make you experience his love also. His role is also difficult and your role is also difficult. Both sides need certain maturity and understanding. My maturity and understanding can be taken for granted because I am responsible. But my team also shows so much of maturity and responsibility. Even if they struggle, it is okay; nothing wrong. So, we were having a teamily dinner. Then, two of my sannyasis were playfully fighting about Mahadeva and Devi. I told them, even for casual fights, you cannot be reduced from Advaitha Vedanta, Shuddha Advaitha Vedanta. Please listen, even for casual fight, you should not lose the clarity. But, one nice thing: Both of them understood! Both of them understood. The original substance is Mahadeva. The original substance of existence decided to enjoy itself; it is called "Shakthi", "Devi". So, both are one and the same to its core. There is nothing to fight between these two. So, understand the moral of this whole incident: Even in a playful way, you cannot miss the experience of Advaitha. I tell you, whether it is a playful dialogue or debate, or a violent war, the moment you miss the space of Advaitha, you are defeated. If Arjuna has gone into the war with the mood of Karna or Duryodhana or Bhishma or Drona, simply he would have lost it! But Arjuna went with the space of Advaitha because of Krishna's initiation. He won the game and came back! For all the Hindu organizations, the so-called Right Wing organizations, the Sangh Parivar, for all of you I am reminding you -- whether you accept me as your Krishna or not, I accept you as my Arjuna -- for all of you I am reminding you, don't miss the space of Advaitha, hold on to the space of Advaitha in all your fights. Only then you will win. The moment you miss the space of Advaitha, you have anger, violence towards somebody, you will lose the game, understand. If you carry the clarity that the other person is an extension of you, even if he tries to attack you, his whole being will not support him in his attack on you; he will be so foolish, he will collapse, and you will not be attacked! Please listen! Today, I am revealing one of the very important sacred truths. If you are established in the space of Advaitha, even if the other guy tries to attack you, abuse you, his whole being will not co-operate with him to attack you. Simply, he will lose strength and fall into stupidity and foolishness, powerlessness. He will not be able to attack you. He will collapse before even he stares at you! The power of the space is such, I tell you, learn this science, practice this science, master this science even if you have failed earlier, understand?

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