Superconsciousness Electrocuting You and Raising You to It's Frequency is Initiation from the Guru

June 1, 2017


In this beautiful discourse from 25th May, 2017, His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda, whom we call Swamiji, revealed sacred truths about Initiation, Deeksha. Initiation is the cosmic breakthrough the guru gives you, after which you will never be the same again. Swamiji also explains how our Muscle Memory and Bio Memory store cognitions about life that determine our experiences, and how to plan for the full awakening of Bio Energy, our highest cosmic potential. He beautifully explains that the quality of the Cosmic Consciousness is no different than our own; the only difference between the Cosmic Will and our own Will's ability to manifest is quantity, which can be and is increased through the Deeksha of Sadashiva.

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