Surrender & Enriching Leads to Sudden Enlightenment (12 Dec 2018)

January 6, 2019


In this satsang dated 12 Dec 2018, Bhagavan reveals the miracles of Surrender. He says, Integrity is intellectually coming to Oneness with Guru. Authenticity happens when Emotional experience of Oneness with Guru happens. Responsibility is your Being feeing Oneness with Guru And when your Consciousness experiences Oneness with Guru, Enriching happens. If Surrender has not happened, your journey starts with Integrity. Once surrender happens however, Enriching becomes the first priority, and the other three simply follow. nce Enriching happens, Sudden Enlightenment happens and Life becomes full of Miracles. Surrender becomes the Chidambara for Paramashiva to dance in you. In this intimate satsang, Bhagavan reveals this secret, this precise way in which He experienced surrender with Arunagiri Yogeeshwara.

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