Take a U-Turn to Enlightenment

August 11, 2016


10 Augustus 2026 Satsang: Take a U-Turn to Enlightenment Paramahamsa Nithyananda decodes the sacred secrets of 5th sutra of Kena Upanishad in the Nithya Satsang of 10th August 2016 – leading us to take a U-turn to Enlightenment, taking us to the right direction ….our senses to look in. “Not through which the words, visualization can describe but the Source from which the visualization and verbalization gets life. IT cannot be revealed by the visualization and verbalization, but what is THAT which reveals your visualization and verbalization. This is the subject for MANANA, subject to be meditate.” Decoding the beauty of Samskrit coded in this verse, Swamiji reveals – "speech and verbalization, all this put together is called KARANA. Manaḥ, mind which is the base on which all this is dancing, if you are soaked in the dance of all these senses, you will miss the power which is empowering all these KARANAS. The moment you looking towards the SOURCE, which makes you experience the Karanas and experiences through the KARANAS, the Karana dissappears into KĀRAṆA (Source, Cause). The sacred truth need to be decoded from this verse – Enlightenment is not difficult, it is just change of direction - U-TURN. The man who stands and shows you the board, U-TURN is GURU. He tells in such a way, all your KARANAS start listening, that’s all. Because he has mastered all his KARANAS, he can command all your karanas. Only a person who has mastered his karanas can say about turn, can say U-TURN. YOU-TURN is U-TURN." 5th verse of Kena Upanishad for Pure Questioning: yad-vācānabhyuditaṁ yena vāgabhyudyate tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate || 5 || That, which speech does not illumine or reveal, but by which the speech is illumined or revealed and expressed—you must know That alone as Brahman, the Absolute existence, and not what people worship and cherish here as this finite, limited object.

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