Technique for Clearing Your Money Debts and Loans - Lakshmi Puja Practice

October 5, 2016


During the Q&A session of Day 2 of Secrets of Attracting Wealth (28 Sept 2016), one participant asks Swamiji about his debts. He tells in his life, he is not able to come out of his money debts. Paramahamsa Nithyananda then gives him a very straight, clear answer - pointing out exactly what all people with money debts have in common. And giving a very precise, practical solution of how to come out of money debts and step into a life of wealth and abundance. Basically, the pain we carry, the incompletion when we think about money needs to be completed. The fear of looking into our balance sheet is a mental pain pattern we need to break. Looking into our balance sheet every day is a powerful technique for clearing your debts. Doing this sincerely, you can call it as a meditation, as a Lakshmi Puja Practice.

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