Technique for Zero Suffering

February 16, 2014


In today's (16th February, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda delves into the deeper layers contained in the Power of Listening. When we regularly provide Authentic Listening to others, we learn to solve any problem, fully participating in life. We will begin to enjoy the subtler, inner pleasures and the patience for listening to ourselves. External pleasures that make us feel powerlessness will simply disappear. Listening to ourselves makes us more powerful, healthy and full of joy! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, the Inner Awakening 3rd level, 1st day beginning. And we have Kalpataru Darshan in Ohio. I welcome all the participants came for Kalpataru Darshan in Ohio. I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. And, today, Mahadeva is gracing us in the Nithya Leela Alankara as Jnanasambandhar coming down and giving the vibhooti, sacred ash, and healing Pandya King. Today, I wanted to expand on very important sacred secret of life. Please listen. First I wanted you to come to the space of listening so that every word I utter you catch it and intranalyze it and internalize it. Listen. Other than the internal pleasures and excitement, anything you depend on constantly puts you in powerlessness. Please listen. There are some pleasures constantly will put you in powerfulness, like "Listening". Listening itself is such a pleasure, if you start this habit of listening, authentic listening, listening to everyone, will give you so much excitement, pleasure, joy; being part of so many people's life. Please understand if you are part of everyone around you. Sometime, very unfortunate, people you stay with twenty-four hours you are not part of their life, they are not part of your life. Listen; look in, how many of you don't know the exact problem of your car driver, in his life? Raise your hand! Only one person is honest, I tell you! If you look, how many of you don't know the real problem of your maid in her life? What is your driver's reality, what is the reality your maid wants to cause for which she is working? How many of you know? I can guarantee, 90% of you will not know. People, with whom you are living, people who are living with you. I am telling you with all my integrity, because of my extraordinary powers, now all the staff are coming to me for Kalpataru, I really really know what is their reality, what is their personal reality. Otherwise, even I did not know my whole Sangha's, everyone's personal reality. That is why I am so sure you will not know. Many of you may not even understand the question I am asking. People who are living with you, you never provide authentic listening to them. When you do not provide authentic listening to them, you have a very minimal interaction with life. Very minimal interaction with life, that is one of the dangerous thing in the life. When you have a minimal interaction with life, you start assuming pleasures are the purpose of life. Whenever you have a complete interaction with life, just listening puts you in such Completion you do not expect some other pleasures as the fruit of life. The man who involves himself with living, even ordinary things like listening. Listening is the first, most powerful step to increase your participation with life. Understand? When your participation with life increases, many of the pleasures which makes you powerless when you run behind it, or after you get it, will start losing it's power over you. Many pleasures, when you start running towards it, it keeps you powerless. After you get it you are kept powerless. Those kind of pleasures will lose power over you when your participation with the life increases. Understand, I am expanding on some of the important truths. Listen. Your participation with life, when your participation with life increases, you start having so many fulfilments and it leads you to so many layers of Completion. Just like how you save money for old age or emergency, crisis times, you have to save layers and layers of Completion for the depression times. No, really. If you don't have the layers of Completion when the depression touches you, anybody can take over you; you will lose your character. Please understand, when I use this word "you will lose your character", I don't mean just you will fall in love with somebody or somebody will rape you! No, not in that way! You will lose your identity; get disintegrated to somebody when you yourself do not have layers and layers and layers of Completion. Please listen, I know it is going above your head, but whatever I wanted to say I will put it on record. Later on, watch this satsangh three-four times and understand; because, every statement I make,

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