Technique to Burn the Root of Suffering

August 19, 2014


In today’s (19 August 2014) morning satsang Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on the subtle dimensions of perpetual completion. He to;ld us ot complete with all the pain patterns for the next 45 days by doing the Samskara Dhahana Kriya. There are 5 steps to this process. 1-Sit and pen down all your pain patterns, 2- sit with them and relive 5 times to relieve, 3- sit with the mirror, 4- share with another person, 5-Listen to their sharing. This is to be done 48 times in the next 45 Days. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Listen! Today I will expand on "PERPETUAL COMPLETION", one of the important dimensions of Living Advaitha. Please listen! Almost last two years, a little less than two years, I am expanding on this one Science of Completion from various angles, through various ways, through various understandings. See, any science, only if you spend more and more time and energy into it, is expressed perfectly. See, I have experienced this science perfectly at the age of twelve; but expressing it perfectly for all of you to live it, bringing perfection in the expression so that all of you also can experience it, that is what I was doing in the last two years, continuously speaking on this one science, this one system. So, please understand, continuously speaking on this one science and one system. Today I wanted to expand on a different dimension of Completion, the dimension of Perpetual Completion that happens, please understand, that happens by constantly completing not just with your root pattern, but also with all your pain patterns. Please listen, not just your root patterns, but all the pain patterns. It means, at least forty-eight times you should do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. See, there are some of the very powerful, strong spiritual practices. In Hinduism, Vedic tradition, we are too fanatic about spiritual practices. I myself have seen sadhus keeping their one hand up, raised for years. "Years" means, don't think two-three; twenty-five, thirty years! Fifteen years standing on one leg! The leg they are standing on has literally become like a pillar! But, the power, the will is so much, it just surpasses the laws of the physical world, the rules and regulations of the body. It just surpasses, takes them beyond even the pains of hell and pains related to body. If you are too serious and sincere about spiritual practice..... I am not asking you to keep your hands up for twenty years, or stand on one leg for twenty-five years. No! Nothing of that is required. Forty-eight days do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. It does not even need to be like every day. You can do it one week, and give three-four days break, and again one week, again two-three days or a few days break. But, forty-eight days of Samskaara Dahana Kriya can solve thousands and thousands of pain patterns in you. Please understand, for all the residential ashramites I used to insist on every night Completion, sitting and doing Completion, sitting and doing Completion, sitting and doing Completion; but, unfortunately,anything you need to do just with yourself, you don't do. When you start doing, you just drift away into some of your strong pains and fall asleep from that pain, not from the Completion, and have a nightmare; and next day morning get up and fight with everyone! So, understand, this is the direct instruction to the whole Sangha from Kaalabhairava: Within the next three months, every Thanedar, Kothari, Mahant, disciple, should do forty-eight days Samskaara Danaha Kriya. Per day it won't take more than two-three hours in the initial level. Then, after sometime, it may take only twenty-thirty minutes. Samskaara Dahana Kriya has four layers. Please listen to the instruction: First, sitting and penning down all your pain patterns. Then, re-living them in your inner-space. Then, re-living them using the mirror. And, sitting with somebody and sharing. And, listening, providing listening for them to complete. Understand, this Science of Completion, understand, this Science of Completion is so powerful, it can just destroy so much of pain you carry which you are not completing by every-day Completion. Somehow, this every-day Completion.... see, the every-day Completion is like only for the elite, soft type of people who want to do spiritual practices on their own, and whose shraddha is very high. But till you evolve to that level, you need a very gross practice. Samskaara Dahana Kriya is the best where you yourself can understand whether you did it or not, and others also will understand whether you did it or not. TILL THE GRASS GROWS ON THE PATH YOU WALK ON EVERY DAY, please understand, that is the signal!

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