Technique to Detoxify Third Eye

September 27, 2016


Paramahamsa Nithyananda, The Avatar as the Source of Yogic powers and embodying the space and expressions of Sadashiva – is gifting the Third Eye Science to humanity. In Nithya Satang of 26th Sept 2016, He reveals the important sacred secrets and technique to detoxify the Third Eye to prepare us for the ultimate experience of SADASHIVOHAM 2016, coming up from Nov 20th 2016. In this ultimate experimental program, He is going to awaken the Shaktis, powers and expressions of Sadashiva in all. Detoxification of your Third Eye in the physical, physiological, emotional level, in every level will be done. To prepare us, He reveals that INTEGRITY is the key to detoxify the Third Eye. Being integrated to the Source, Sadashiva. Watch this video to learn how in our daily routine, we can experiences the higher powers or Shaktis.

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