Technique to heal your past

July 19, 2014


In today's (17th July, 2014) morning Satsang from Haridwar Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on the science of perpetual completion. He said that if we bring our nervous system to the space of perpetual completion we can live for 300 years. He explained the precise difference between reliving and remembering. To relive it is necessary to go back to the contex, the understanding and the cognizance you had at the time of the incident, only then all the emotions you were carrying will melt down and fall away and no longer color your present or future. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today I wanted to expand on the science of "PERPETUAL COMPLETION". The twenty-seventh Inner Awakening, third day is happening. The Science of Completion! Please listen! Yesterday you all have been initiated into the Science of Completion, the initiation, first-level initiation. Today we will be working on the deeper layers of Completion, deeper level process of Completion. Yesterday I could see so many of you having so much Completion. I could see literally the whole hall completing, completing, completing! Not just one or two, the whole hall was completing! Means, the whole collective group, the whole! It was like a Completion Energy Ball where all of you are inside, all of you getting cooked literally inside one pot with the fire called "Completion", Completion happening in everyone of you! Beautiful! I tell you, bring your nervous system and bio-memory to its natural space called "Perpetual Completion". Your system is hardwired, your system is manufactured to be in the space of Perpetual Completion. Please understand, I am not teaching you any surreptitiousness. If you reside in Perpetual Completion, very easily you can live three-hundred years! The system can live at least for three-hundred years if you live in the space of Completion, Perpetual Completion! Today we will enter into the methodology of deeper Completion. Yesterday you completed with various patterns, incompletions, individually. Especially that one clarity....I wanted all over the world, all the satsanghis to know this. Yesterday, when I explained Completion, one of the unique important truths was revealed which I wanted all of you to listen now. The exact methodology of Completion: RE-LIVING IS RELIEVING! Listen! Once you write down all the incidents you need to complete, sit and start re-living, not just remembering. Please listen! Not just remembering! Re-living! I will explain the exact difference what is "re-living", what is "remembering". Listen! I will give you an example: At the age of six, you are playing in the rain. Your mom sees you suddenly and drags you into the house and locks you in the house and shouts at you: 'Don't play in the rain! How many times I told you that you will get cold, you will fall sick!' Now if you look at that incident with the present intelligence, you will always feel your mom was so careful about your health. You will feel, 'Oh, she took care of me throughout her life. At that time also she took care of my health.' Understand, when you look at that incident now, your interpretation, your understanding is different. Don't look at that incident from the intelligence you have now. Go back to that same six-year-old child, same intelligence, same logic, same understanding you had at the age of six. If you see from the age of six, naturally you will feel terrorised, you must have been screaming at your mother, kicking the wall, kicking the door, telling your mother, 'You will die! Leave me to play!' At that time you may not have had the intelligence thinking your mother is taking care of your health, your mother is taking care of you and all that. No! At that moment, you would have been only terrorized by your mother. Understand, go back to that moment, the same intelligence, same intellect, same level of understanding, knowledge, same place, same space, same memory, and start re-living. This is the difference between "remembering" and "re-living". If you try to recall from the space you exist in now, it is "remembering". If you go back to that same space and recall, it is "re-living". Understand, when you re-live that incident, the layers of guilt, shame, fear, suffering, sadness which got accumulated in your bio-memory, when you re-live that incident, it will all start melting down, leaving your bio-memory. That is why I say, RE-LIVING IS RELIEVING! Let all those experiences and emotions unwind in your bio-memory, in your nervous system, and get eased! Let them just melt down and leave your system! Every incident, the incompletions built during the incident, becomes stress in your bio-memory,

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