Techniques for Past Life Regression: Patanjali Yoga Sutra 125 Nithyananda 26 Feb 2011

February 28, 2011


Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda continued on Patanjali's Yoga Sutra about Past Lives with the technique recommended for knowing and healing your past. "First the basic truth about past life -- your soul, the individual soul is the reflection of the cosmic soul. Swatma is the reflection of the Paramathma. Your body is the mirror on which the reflection is happening." "Every time, when you take a new birth, you take a new pad or mirror. So Buddha's Jataka Tales are the tales of all the mirrors he assumed. When we say he's an incarnation, don't think he has to go through the same process like from fish to the last. From all the intelligence he collects, he makes his own mirror." "Then 2nd understanding - you have 3 layers of past, the first layer past is from your birth to this moment;. 2nd from all the births you took till this moment; 3rd from the beginning of the cosmos till this moment. Forget about 3rd layer past, that is required only for the higher major decisions of the cosmos. If you have the understanding that we had many births, we are going to have multiple births, you don't need rush with life, the restful awareness with which the concept of multiple births bring is extraordinary. Understanding of the 1st layer will heal you; of the 2nd layer will infuse tremendous joy in life." "Patanjali gives an amazing technique. He says through the perceiving of the impressions you can achieve the past life memory. Before going to bed, just sit. Start going back in your life, from the time you woke up, not just rethinking, but by re-living. Same way go back from the present moment till the time you woke up. So 2 things you need to do. From morning to night is one cycle, 2nd is going back. When you do these 2 cycles, so many minute details, the subtle emotions you went through, the whole thing will be awakened. You need to do this for at least 21 days." "Samyama on samskaras, observing the past impressions-at night you may need to be spending one hour, if you are deeply interested in your past life. healing your trauma, do this. You will have complete understanding of the impressions you leave. Your one day has the whole essence of your life. When your mental setup was created as a child, all the the pain, pleasure etc., was recorded. Every day you go through it in some way. Every day if you go through it, it will open up vividly all the past experiences." "Actually when you see and experience the whole past, the first thing you will do is start laughing about life. How foolishly you do the same thing again and again and again. That is why in Zen they say the ultimate laughter is enlightenment."

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