The DNA of Leadership

about 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives a new definition of Responsibility. When we realize that we are the source of everything -- each of us is God --, we understand that we are responsible for everything. Whatever is going on in the world, if it has any effect on us we are responsible for it, even events over which we may think we have no control. The concept of blaming others, or of finding an excuse for not accomplishing our goals, ceases to exist. We discover how to be leaders. Responsibility is the spiritual DNA for leadership, gifting us with the understanding to resolve problems far beyond what we felt we could cope with before. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on the third principle -- RESPONSIBILITY -- and the unique relationship Responsibility carries, the unique equation it carries to construct the reality of your choice. Let me define Responsibility once more. Please listen! I am defining Responsibility. Living and responding, means, thinking, feeling, acting, cognizing to life from the truth that you are the source of everything, therefore, you are responsible for all happenings inside you and around you. dhyan se suniye, please listen! uttardaayitva ki paribhasha punah suniye. Uttardaayitva ka arth hain jeevan ko iss satya ke saath jeena aur pratikriya vyakth karna ki aapke andar aur baahar honewale sabhi paristithiyon ka mool kaaran evam uttardaayi aap swayam hain. uttardaayitva ka arth hain jeevan ko iss satya ke saath jeena aur pratikriya vyakth karna ki aapke andar aur baahar honewale sabhi paristithiyon ka mool kaaran evam uttardaayi aap swayam hain. Thinking, feeling, acting, responding, cognizing from the truth you are the source of everything. Listen! I am neither talking to you some corporate values and principles, nor talking to you what some Rishis have uttered in some Upanishads. I am talking to you directly which I experienced, which you have to experience. I am talking from the context of being responsible for making you responsible. Please be very clear, the person who talks has only one reason of making you responsible. I am responsible to make you experience Responsibility as I experienced. Person with eye is responsible to give vision to a blind person. Person with wealth is responsible to guide poor man to wealth. Person with power is responsible to make powerless people to become powerful. Person with energy is responsible to make energyless people with energy. Person with knowledge is responsible to make ignorant people knowledgeable. If you have knowledge, the moment you have knowledge, you become responsible to make ignorant knowledgeable. If you are powerful, you become responsible to make powerless powerful. If you are wealthy, you become responsible to make poor wealthy. Listen! I am not saying distribute your wealth! If you are having ten poor people, and you distribute all your wealth to the ten poor people, we will have eleven poor people; that's all! With you we will have eleven poor people; one more poor person! NO! I am not asking you to distribute your wealth; but take responsibility of educating them and making them rich. Anything you own, you become responsible to share it; make it grow. Vedic tradition beautifully says - Annam Bahu Kurveetha! Let us create and share! This is the vision statement I have given for all the Annalayas getting started all over the world. All the satsanghis should know, I have initiated a project of sharing of food all over the world, because sharing food is Vedic culture. We are agriculture society. Vedic tradition is grain-based society, grain-based civilization. So, sharing was our lifestyle. That is why, no ritual, no festival, no celebration is complete in Indian tradition without sharing food. Annam Bahu Kurveetha! When you own, you become responsible to make everyone own. Because I own Responsibility, I own the responsibility of making everyone own the Responsibility. main koi corporate siddhant ke baare mein nahi baath kar raha hoon naaki koi rishi muni ke kahe huve vaakya ko punah keh raha hoon. main apni swayam ki anubhav ke saath iss satya ke baare mein aapko bathaa raha hoon. There are only two types of human-beings on the Planet Earth - • who feel responsible for everything • who don't feel responsible for anything. There are only two types of human-beings. Listen! People who feel responsible become Leaders. People who don't feel responsible continue to be Slaves. There are some people don't feel responsible even for their own actions because they forgot their action is going to bring this result. Many time, even when they plan for the business, they only plan if it fails whom they will hold responsible! They don't plan to make it successful. Holding somebody responsible is not going to solve your problem. Plan for success! Don't do, when you plan itself if you get an idea, "If this fails what to do?" immediately you think, 'I will hold him responsible!'

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