The Luxury of Kundalini

November 11, 2014


In today’s (11th November, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives us two words: Kundalini Shakti. It is not a big house or a fancy car but our Kundalini Shakti that is the true luxury of life, propelling us into higher frequencies. We are the vehicles of this vast energy, carrying the Cosmos in our inner space! Remembering constantly who we are carrying and reflecting to the world will keep us in that higher frequency of enlightenment. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today I wanted to give the gist of what I am trying to do to the world. Please understand, it all boils down to just one or two words. Whether the temples I am building or the programmes I am conducting from morning Nithya Satsangh to free webinars to NDY, NKY or Inner Awakening Level-1, Level-2, Level-3, Level-4, whatever or the future Level-5, Level-6, Level-7 going to happen, all that put together, please understand, the essence is basically: Awaken your Kundalini Shakthi. Awaken your Kundalini! And raise it to the highest peak frequency! When the Kundalini moves inside the system, at different areas it experiences different frequency. Raise it to the highest frequency! And celebrate the life, enjoy the life as you want with this extraordinary, overflowing, excessive, luxurious life-energy! Understand? That is the word I have to use. Only when your..... Please understand, what I am saying now, even medically verified statement: Only if you have an excessive energy, these muscles (facial muscles) even expand in smiling, understand? Otherwise, how people smile you know? (Swamiji demonstrates). No, I am telling you! Life should be lived with luxury of energy. I am telling you, if you think the car you drive, the chair you sit, and the house you live, that only demonstrates your luxury, that is the symbol of your luxury, you are cheated! You are just cheated! That shows only one aspect of your luxury. If you are made to believe the house you lived, car you drove and furniture on which you sat is the luxury.... See, even if you believe that is the way to show you are living in luxury to others, okay; it can be tolerated. But, if you believe even personally that is the way the life should be luxurious even for your own being, then something seriously wrong! You are cheated, exploited! If I have to use little dirty words........ I don’t want to use; you yourself imagine. I think by now everyone knows what I wanted to say. Somehow these dirty words are so universal, you don’t need to utter them. You just put dash, dash, dash dash (_ _ _ _); everyone fills it immediately! That is the power of the dirty words! HAHAHAHAHA! You don’t need to utter them. Anyhow....leave it. I tell you, it is the luxurious energy you carried in your stomach, in your heart, in your throat, in your face, in your crown - that is luxury! That is the best luxury! I tell you, when you wake up in the morning, the energy you carry in your stomach, are you carrying a cramp or are you carrying the gas or are you carrying an uncomfortable acidity feeling? What are you carrying in the stomach when you wake up and by the time you get ready for your every-day routine, you remember your every day, what is the energy you are carrying in your heart? The moment you remember you have to go to your office, you have to meet your family, you have to meet your teamily, you have to meet your team, you have to meet your boss, you have to do your every-day actions, what is the experience you carry when you remember your every-day routine in your heart, what is the energy you feel near your chest, THAT decides whether you are living luxuriously or not. The way you carry yourself, what your shoulders are feeling, are you walking like this (shoulders drooping, head hanging down), almost collapsing or are you carrying yourself (chest out, head and neck straight)? THAT decides! I was shocked to see (photograph of) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was arrested by British and being taken. I looked at the picture twenty times, or more than that. All the fellows who are carrying him looked like prisoners and he looked like the boss of the scene! It is supposed to be the other way. They are all arresting him and taking him; but the way he was carrying himself, that shoulder, the way he was carrying his eyes, all the other fellows are frightened! You can see this photograph. LINK FOR FULL DESCRIPTION:- video/luxury-kundalini

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