The Luxury of Simplicity

November 20, 2014


In today’s (20th November, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda defines the true meaning of simplicity. The luxury of simplicity is to keep ourselves inspired, enthusiastic, alive and radiating, not needing anything from the outside. It means we are complete and authentic to our four identities: inner image, outer image, other’s image about us and our image about life. Simplicity is not poverty; it is based in spirituality, having zero dependence on anything. Simplicity is the soil in which the seed of Shivoham grows. KISS (Keep It Simple Series) of Satsangs TRANACRIPTS:- Today I’ll expand on some of the very powerful secrets to experience Shivoham. Please understand, I will verbalise what goes on in your inner-space with your knowledge and without your knowledge when you are initiated into Shivoham. Listen. When I try to transmit this experience Shivoham what goes on inside you, with your knowledge, without your knowledge, consciously, unconsciously, sub-consciously and super-consciously, what is happening inside you I’ll explain. The first thing you need to understand for you to live Shivoham: Do not expect the external evidences, external witnesses, external reasons, because your Life Image, Swa-Anyakaara, your perception about life and others, is so deeply corrupted, it is so deeply corrupted. I tell you today I am just in such a joy! One small thing happened today morning in the Pada Puja. One devotee who did Pada Puja, his wife, both of them came to take the blessings. She is seeing me first time. First thing she asked, ‘I should support my husband in all his endeavours. Whatever he is doing, I should support him more and more and encourage him.’ I felt my heart flow and blessed both of them, ‘Let both of you, whatever you want become reality!’ I tell you it is not a joke even to have that space. Especially when you stand in front of somebody, you know whatever now you are going to ask will become reality, and you have only a few minutes to ask, and in that you find this thought. Means this is in your top priority list. I was so happy! I tell you guys I very rarely see people who carry the space of the idea about others and life so beautiful that they include that in their top priority list. Normally the human mind and life and inner-space is so corrupted, your image about others and life is so corrupted, it does not find place in your priority list. It may find place in your laundry list last as a fine-print. I have seen. So, when you start living Shivoham, when I start initiating you into Shivoham in this “Keep It Simple Series”, do not expect external evidence. Don’t tell yourself, ‘How can I be Mahadeva? If my wife starts listening to me, then I’ll believe I am Mahadeva.’ Arrey, even Mahadeva’s wife, Sati, did not listen to him! What are you talking? Even for him, she did not listen! Don’t try to expect external evidences! ‘If my enemy gets destroyed, I’ll believe I am Mahadeva.’ Arrey, even for Mahadeva, he has to send Veerabhadra, Kaalabhairava, to destroy those enemies and their enmity. When Brahma had ego, Kaalabhairava was sent – internal administration. When Daksha had ego, Veerabhadra was sent – external administration. So do not expect immediately the external evidence. It is the inner-space that needs to start first. Let the attention be brought on the inner-space during the period of initiation, understand? If an egg is broken from the external outside force, life ends. If the same egg is broken from inside, internally, life happens. Shivoham is the initiation I am giving inside your being. Let the life happen inside and break and come out. Don’t break from outside with your doubt. Asking for external evidences immediately is like a breaking the egg from outside. Life ends! I felt, ‘Oh, God, millions of eggs are wasted, because, stupid minds, before the life can happen, enlightenment can happen, started asking for external evidence!’ At least during the initiation wait for the life to break the egg from inside and open up and come out. I tell you, I tell you, during this whole process of Shivoham initiation, look internally and work on creating internal space and I take the responsibility to provide internal evidences and witnesses that you are Shivoham. That is immediately possible. When that opens up, you will see external evidences also. Just for that initiation period, do not ask the external evidence and break the egg from outside. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:-

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