The Master Keys To Seeking

March 7, 2016


" YOUR SEEKING IS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU EXPERIENCE THE SPACE YOU ARE SEEKING, WITHOUT ANY EXTERNAL SUPPORT..Look-in, meditate on this one truth." is the essence of this par divine Nithya Satsang on 14th January 2016 by Paramahamsa Nithyananda in Isa Upanishad, essence of 15 verses. He gives His own "Master Keys" to Seeking which elevates a human to his own divinity. These words are a promise, an assurance to the Seeker to listen, contemplate and apply the 'clicks'. What is Seeking? Explains the Avatar - "Seeking is coming back to the basic questions of Life. What is Life? What is death? Any question you have about any or or all of these four – Universe, Self, God which you percieving as Nature, Prakruti, invoke that seeking in you.Go behind that question. Deciding to go behind the answer is Courage (Dhira). Deciding to align your life to this answer and renouncing unneccesary things, is Vairagya (renunciation).." Watch and listen to the full satsang to fully learn about the Master Keys to Seeking from the direct experience of the Avatar and how to grow and mature yourself to what our ancestors, the Rishis lived with to realize the truth.

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