The Myth of DECISION FATIGUE - No Time, Feeling Overwhelmed, Complexity of Decisions

November 3, 2016


"What is the scale to measure your life? Your self-worth cannot be measured in the zeros of your bank balance or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Those are just hells! Instead ask yourself, “Have I lived enlightenment and helped others live enlightenment today? Have I manifested Sadashivatva in myself and others?” What is the purpose of life? Manifesting Sadashivatva in you and helping others to manifest Sadashivatva. Whatever profession you may be can be aligned to this Word, this vision statement. You can align and iron out anything yourself to manifest Sadashivatva. For example, an ordinary act as simple as giving a few rupees, when a knock happens on your car window while standing at a signal, is aligning to Sadashivatva. Everything can be aligned to Sadashivatva! Get back to your original state Sadashivatva! video/ Experience Sadashivatva from The Avatar:

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