The Power of Vaak Siddhi: You Can Make Your Words Come True

March 20, 2014


7th March, 2014 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda In Yogic Philosophy, there is an organ in the body which is called “Vaak”, and it is responsible for all of your words (right, wrong, positive, negative, good, bad, all types of words). It exists where the body and mind intersect, between the heart and the throat. Vaak is responsible for all of the words you utter. Every time you utter un-integrated words, the organ gets polluted, it is like having a cigarette, it pollutes your Vaak. It can be polluted easily, and it can also be cleaned easily, if you complete it, it will be healed! The way to clean it is not a difficult job, since words create the pollution, words can also clear it. If you said you would be somewhere at 8 o’clock, but you won’t actually be there until later, you can clear the pollution. ‘Oh, I withdraw this word I uttered that time is 8 o’clock. I complete with it. Now the time is not 8 o’clock’, that is enough! “Vaak” is the organ which is there at the cross-section of body and mind. It is polluted, weakened by the wrong, non-integrity words. It is purified by Completion. Understand, how much ever you have corrupted your “Vaak”, it can be cleaned, it can be completed Now!

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