The Power Of Will

June 29, 2016


The Power Of Will: "Paramahamsa Nithyananda introduces the Kena Upanishad with the Shanti Mantra, revealing the power of WILL in the Nithya Satsang as on 28th June 2016, live from Varanasi, the sacred land of pure learning. He insists on the need to create the WILL and make it into reality, which makes us strong. Our WILL must not be taken for granted for it is the power to manifest anything in life, while our DECLARATION is the highest form of prayer. ""Ability to will is the peak of your ability to manifest whatever you want in life. Will is the umbilical cord through which you are connected to the Universe. Declaration is the highest form of prayer. Sadashiva is waiting for you to manifest him. The more and more you manifest his powers, the more and more you are manifesting Sadashiva."" Shanti Mantra (Peace Invocation Chant) aum āpyāyantu mamāṇgāni vākprāṇaścakśuḥ śrotram-athobalam-indriyāṇi ca sarvāṇi | sarvaṁ brahmopniṣadam mā’ham brahma nirākuryām mā mā brahma nirākarod-anirākaraṇamstva-nirākaraṇam me’stu | tadātmani nirate ya upaniṣatsu dharmāste mayi santu te mayi santu || oṁ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ ||"

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