April 3, 2008

35,449 views Ultimate Meditation retreat for a Conscious Breakthrough - Inner Awakening From the works of Living Enlightenment Master Parmahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from discourse titled " Change the Unchanging Phoenomenon", answering to a question "There are so many Shiva Sutras, how do I choose the right meditation technique and how do I know which technique is right for me ". Swamiji says with any technique the initiation and the click happens within 24hours. Swamiji further advises to experiment with all meditation techniques and select the one that clicks. What one needs is an intense seeking. Root is responsible for the branches and leaves. But you are constantly blaming the branches and the leaves. Swamiji says, "I call this seeking when you realize you are the problem". The complete discourse could be ordered online at

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