The Success Symbol of Living Advaitha

November 6, 2014


In today’s (06th November, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals more amazing secrets about Cambodia as a living Advaitha, enlightenment-based civilization. At least a few million people radiated the power of enlightenment and Advaitha in the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. Watch this Satsang to hear more about how they had temples covered in gold, Angkor Wat is at least 3000 years old, they practiced all branches of Hinduism, and as they converted to Buddhism, conferred Mahadeva himself “Buddhahood”, worshipping Mahadeva’s deities as Buddha! TRANSCRIPTS:- Again, today, I am overflowing with temples. One of the wonderful thing I discovered yesterday, please understand, it is not just surprising, it was shocking for me, there were few Cambodian temples completely covered by gold! Please understand, there were few Cambodian temples, have been gold-sheeted! This is too much! Because those temples are not like any temples you see in India, small temples like Tiruvannamalai temple, Madurai temple, Srirangam temple, not like these small-small temples. What to do, I have to tell the truth! HAHAHAHA! They (the Cambodian temples) are not small temples like Chidambaram temple, Srirangam temple. Srirangam temple is 120 acres. It is too small in front of Angkor Wat temple. Whole Srirangam temple is less than one ‘prakaara’ (the outer courtyard built around a temple) of Angkor Wat temple! Just one ‘prakaara’! How much effort has gone into one ‘prakaara’ of Angkor Wat temple, whole Srirangam temple is smaller than that! I did not get any reference Angkor Wat temple itself was gold-covered, but there are few temples at least bigger than Indian temples. See, the largest India’s temple is Srirangam temple. At least there are hundred temples in Cambodia larger than Srirangam temple. At least one-hundred – one-zero-zero – temples larger than Srirangam temple we have in Cambodia! First I did not believe, to tell you honestly. But then, the explorers even had a bits and pieces of the gold still stuck. Because the tree has grown on that temple, under the root of the tree, that gold part that robbers were not able to pull it out. They pulled out, they peeled all the other part gold (gold from the other parts of the temple). But some of the temples have been dilapidated by the large trees growing on it. So, whatever gold got caught under the roots of the tree, they were not able to peel it out or pull it out. So, these explorers carefully removing those layers, they are able to come to a clear conclusion the purity and the thickness of the gold-sheet used to cover the whole temple. I was actually wondering...... Cambodia had two traditions. One, the tradition of Devaraja; means, the king was representation of Gods, and they were following the Vedic tradition, the Upanishadic truths and the Vedic rituals. But, when the king got converted to Buddhism, he declared himself as Bodhisathva instead of Devaraja. That is when the whole civilization started collapsing. No, I am not against Buddhism. Such a beautiful religion! I love it! After all, it is a branch of Mahanirvani Peeta, our own Akhada tradition. But, it was too much centred on Sannyas, did not have any place for grihasthas (householders). So, large number of people, when they started becoming sannyasis, the other mechanisms like army to protect the country, the intellectual army to protect the ideology, all started getting slowly lost. And, I tell you, even in India, it is the period we spent under Buddhism, that is the time we were really weakened from inside. The will to live, will to survive got withered away as a collective consciousness, understand. The collective consciousness of India lost the will to survive, because, Buddhism is so much other-worldly. It is unfortunate, such large number of people becoming sannyasis, both physical army and intellectual army, both their will to survive withered away from internally. Please understand, Vedic tradition always had a very innate capability to produce physical army and intellectual army, and both of them have been given a dharmic place in the Vedic tradition. Vedic tradition gave due recognition and dharmic place for intellectual Kshathriyas, intellectual army, and the physical army. ‘Shaasthra’ and ‘Shasthra’ (knowledge and weapons), for both, lot of recognition, acceptance, the dharmic authentification was provided. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/success-symbol-living-advaitha

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