Third Eye and Abundance

May 3, 2016


In this short video, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how abundance in our life is connected to our energy, our aura, our magnetic field. And to the awakening of Kundalini energy in us and the opening of the chakra's, especially third eye, the brow centre or ajna chakra. If you maintain your energy, if you build it in the right way, wealth will simply happen in your life. So how do we maintain that energy? By completing any incompletions we have with wealth and abundance. If you remove cognitions against abundance, then you can manifest multiple spiritual powers. You will build a strong aura, a strong magnetic power. Ultimately, your bio energy should be awakened. When this happens, when the god particle in you is awakened, completion will just be a spontaneous process. Third eye awakening can make you powerfully abundant. Let your focus be on awakening the god particle in you. From that context, wealth has to manifest, and you will not be cheated but you will be able to enjoy the wealth that happens in your life. For more and deeper understanding on wealth and abundance, watch the full discourse which originally came available as a webinar: Abundance From The Source:

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