Unclutching® - The Ultimate Technique

July 7, 2012


The brain is the organ which controls our whole physical being once our brain has been imbalanced it will then transmit that imbalance throughout the whole body. Thought forms are pure energy that have the ability to influence people and everyday events in life. ( Visual suggesstion: people talking, fighting, accidents, murders.even news clippings of accidents and murders are suffice) According to Science our brains generate an electromagnetic field which may be measured by such instruments as an encephalograph. This electromagnetic field is generated by the brain every time we think, and as our mind is never still, we may be compared to perpetual power generators. ( visual suggesstion: use the brain imgaes we have already downloaded, and the encephalograph- effects to be added to the brain visual as thought it is radiating visible energy) Fear produces nervous disorders. Anger produces headaches & violence. Confused thoughts produce congestion & ill health. Depression causes cancer, tumors, mental diseases & lowering of the immune system causing death through own will power.

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