Unclutch® In All Dimensions

April 22, 2012


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) answers our questions. The first questioner states that she feels connected to Paramahamsa's formlessness but does not know how to connect with his form. Paramahamsa replies that the form is merely part of the formlessness, so there is no need to get concerned with details. The second question addresses how to be unattached within (unclutched®) while engaged in external activity. Paramahamsa gives an exquisite description of the unclutching® process by explaining that conflict is simply too many thoughts trying to connect at the same time. Unclutching® provides space between the thoughts so we have less conflict. Third questioner wants to know how breathing can be balanced during unclutching without causing gasping. Paramahamsa explains that the flow of prana balances the breathing during unclutching. Question four asks how to know whether one is disciple or devotee. Paramahamsa responds that the degree of feeling connection determines the difference. The fifth question is about love. Paramahamsa says there is no such thing as love and as long as we cling to believing in it we evade enlightenment. The final question asks whether energy fields such as Kailash can occur naturally, or whether they must be created. The answer is both: an energy field is most likely to be created in an area where the natural energy is already high. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Question: With your grace and compassion I am able to constantly connect with you as the formless. I experience you as the very existential energy that runs the entire cosmos and me. However, Swamiji, how can I also be equally connected to you in the form. I am not able to do so. What do I need to do for that? Please guide me and bless me to have this. Swamiji: If you are able to connect me as a formless that is enough. Why do you want to connect me with the form? There is no need. Actually if you connect me with the form, only then I need to push you to the formless. If you are already able to connect as a formless, you are on the right track or you are achieving what needs to be achieved. So you don't need to worry that you are not able to connect through form. But one thing I can tell you I smell little hypocrisy in the whole whatever you call as connection. If it is authentic, as you say, as you claim, connection with my formless, you will not even have this craving. You want to connect with form also. Because my form is not out of my formlessness. My form is part of my formlessness. If you are connecting with the formlessness as you claim, you will not even have the feeling you are not connecting with my form. So please understand, in me, my formlessness is form of my part, my formlessness is part of my form, my form is part of my formlessness. So if you connected to any one, you will not feel you are not connected to the other one. My form is part of my formlessness, my formlessness is part of my form. So if you connect even with one, you will automatically connect with the other also. There won't be any problem, any disturbance. The moment you say you are connected to one and you are not able to connect to the other one, I think there is something fishy. Some hypocrisy. Look into that and correct that hypocrisy. That is all you need to know. You need to only correct those hypocrisy. Nothing else. Question: Thank you for the out of the world, un-clutching initiation. I have a question about practically un-clutching every moment. The industry I work in thrives on showing the logical connection between two thoughts and ideas. Every moment I am at work, I am trying to establish this rather convoluted yet connected thought flow. Given this situation, how can I un-clutch on the inside mamakara, but project connected thoughts on the outside ahankara. Even if I do this successfully, will it create a conflict in me? Thank you. Swamiji: Even if you are working in Microsoft, please understand, this question comes before you start practicing. Start practicing you will understand. I only wanted to ask you one question, in your experience you would have seen thousands of people from your birth. Have you seen anybody more coherent, logical, connecting the thoughts and ideas than me. I tell you, I am resting in the ultimate un-clutching. So I am the living example. That somebody can be resting in the ultimate un-clutching, constantly connect thoughts, ideas logically coherently without any convolution, go on presenting it to the world, but go on living in a complete un-clutched space. Understand, see me, and be inspired and be encouraged be assured it is possible. Logically I cannot give you answer for this question. Only experientially I can give you inspiration for this question. You would have heard I do not know 100s or 1000s of hrs of my discourses. I may go different different different parts, areas, zones during the discourse. But you will see exactly I will bring it back

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