Understand yourself through Enriching

September 11, 2013


Today Swamiji talked about Real Enriching. He said when you can reproduce the intense experience you have had in others, that is real enriching. For all suffering Enriching is the only solution. Every day you see so many people with so many problems; you should understand that all those problems are a reflection of your unconscious problems and questions. When you enrich others you face your unconsciousness. the fight between you and unconsciousness is the Mahabharata war. The thing that sets your progress back is associating with unconsciousness when it erupts.the 4 Tattvas are your weapons in this war on unconsciousness. Swamiji told us all to always choose Right over pleasure and convenience. We need to LISTEN and learn the Science of Completion enriching others and helping them to complete. the questions of others are the keys to your unconsciousness. Enrich them and you will be enriched. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today I will expand on "REAL ENRICHING". Please understand, only when you reproduce the intense experience of you in others, the enriching happens. And I tell you, only when you enrich, the dark corners of your mind, unconscious parts of your mind get solidified. Many times, just in the face I can see a person going through confusion and suffering. Unfortunately, the solution is enriching, which nobody wants to listen. When you enrich other human-beings, all the struggle you face in them is all the struggle your own unconsciousness carries. Please understand, when you enrich somebody and made them sannyasi, only then you are a real sannyasi; because all the problems they face is nothing but the problems of your unconsciousness. If you can answer all their problems and questions, only then you answered all your unconscious problems and questions. Same way, why do you think our gurukul kids are so solid and so alive? I am getting a few of the doctors, researchers who find the IQs, who study the brain power of the kids, to demonstrate to the world the power of our gurukul kids -- their IQ, their EQ, their SQ. SQ is the new concept I am launching -- Spiritual Quotient. Like Intellectual Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ)-Spiritual Quotient! Because they have answered all parts of themselves! That is why I could see the gurukul kids are very successful in enriching others. And same way, because they are enriching continuously, they are able to answer all their unconscious questions, face their unconsciousness. "Hindi Translation" First of all, you need to understand why we should be able to answer, why we should answer all our unconscious queries. Please understand, unconsciousness is the enemy you carry in your backpack. Enriching is the firend you carry in your backpack. Unconsciousness is the enemy you carry in your backpack. Any moment he may attack you. Any moment he may put you in depression. Any moment, he may destabilize you. Unless you destroy your unconsciousness, unless, you will create hell for yourself and nobody else. You can't create hell for anybody else. You will create hell for yourself. Unconsciousness, understand, attacks you when you least expect. Better go around enriching everyone, so that all your unconscious questions are answered now itself. It is like voluntarily facing your unconsciousness. When you face your unconsciousness voluntarily, you go with enough of equipments, power, and handle it. When you face your unconsciousness suddenly, you will unfortunately, associate yourself with it. Please listen! Come to the space of listening! This is a very important statement. When your unconsciousness erupts out on its own, unfortunately you associate yourself with it. Then you are gone! You lost the game! When you face your unconsciousness voluntarily, you will not associate yourself with it. I tell you, the difference between you associating yourself with your unconsciousness and you not associating yourself with your unconsciousness is a small difference.....like whether Krishna is in your side or not! See, there was a situation where Krishna has to decide whether he should be on the side of the Pandavas or Kauravas in the Mahabharata. That one second, that one decision would have changed the whole history of the Mahabharata and Bharat. If he had sided with the Kauravas, I tell you.....! It is not that the Kauravas are worse people than Arjuna. After listening to the whole Gita, I can say very clearly, Arjuna was only socially moralistic; consciously he was equal to the Duryodhanas. If the whole Gita had been delivered to all the Duryodhanas, all hundred of them would have with Arjunas, enlightened! The whole story will be different! Understand, there is nothing special about Arjuna, I can boldly tell you! He may be socially good, but based on the questions of Arjuna, I can say, he was equally unconscious like Duryodhana.

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