Upanishads Make Incarnations

January 5, 2015


Today’s (06th January, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Living Advaita series on Upanishads. Paramahamsa Nithyananda urges everyone to read the Upanishads over and over again. When we read and understand, we disappear into that concept, but when we read multiple times, the concept disappears into us; it becomes part of us. The Cosmic Cognition develops, allowing the great truths to become part of us. TRANSCRIPTS:- Let us enter into today’s satsangh. Whenever you feel fear, feeling threatened by something, in that agitation you try to change the situation; you try to change it by your efforts. That is “Yoga”. And, you try to surrender to the highest intelligence and request that intelligence to intervene and protect you. That is “Bhakthi”. Knowing you can never be violated, being in the original space of Advaitha, automatically making all the so-called fears and threats melt down, is “Living Advaitha”. Upanishads stand for Living Advaitha, understand? I am not saying Yoga is wrong or a little less. I am not saying Bhakthi is wrong or a little less. All I am saying is, Upanishads, Living Advaitha, is something totally different. So many interpretations – so many “interpretations”; that is the right word I will use – do not take away the sacredness and originality of the Upanishads. So many interpretations do not take away the originality of the Upanishads. Please listen! Sometimes people ask me, ‘What is this, Swamiji? So much of fight in Hinduism! Even the tall people like Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhwa, even those great Masters have so much of difference of opinion, sometimes one directly attacks the other! Not even the courtesy politics, the decent politics; straight “dum duma doom doom”! Even the top level acharyas are not in sync with each other! We common people, how can we understand anything? What can we take as right?’ Please understand, some scientist discovers something. He gets a Nobel Prize. Within a few years, another scientist disproves what that guy has discovered. He also gets a Nobel Prize. That does not mean both of them have difference of opinion. It is a different angle the truth is presented. I don’t even want to say the first scientist’s discovery is wrong. Actually, because of the first discovery, the way he lifted us, the second was even possible! Please understand, in the field of Knowledge, different opinions means different thought-trends and multiple choices, amazing freedom! Amazing freedom! Listen! Amazing possibilities! Amazing freedom and amazing possibilities! Each one explores in their own way, expresses in their own way. And, I tell you, even when you read, internalize Shankara, you will never become the follower of Shankara; you will be one expression of Shankara! That is why, in Shaivaism, we have a beautiful word, “Shiva Gana” – “who embodies Shiva”. When you constantly cognize and radiate Shivoham, you will not become follower of Shiva, you will become embodiment, you will embody Shiva, understand? “Shiva Gana” means, “Gana” means, “who embodies”, “who is filled”. So, the difference of opinions and different Commenatries on Upanishads should not put you away from Upanishads, but should inspire you to explore the original Upanishads. Understand, yes, no doubt, Shankara wrote a Commentary in a different way, Ramanuja wrote a Commentary in a different way, Madhwacharya wrote Commentary in a different way. Each one of them wrote Commentary in a different way. Vivekananda translated and wrote a Commentary in a different way. Swami Gambhirananda translated and wrote..... You will be surprised, Gambhirananda Swami belongs to Ramakrishna Sampradhaya, but he dares to differ with Vivekananda! That is the beauty of Hindu Tradition! Ramakrishna Mission has published at least three or four Commentaries. Each one of them dared to differ with Vivekananda! It is so beautiful! That is the greatness of Hinduism! Nobody disrespects Vivekananda. We cannot and we don’t! Same way, when Osho writes Commentary, he does not disrespect anybody, but he dares to differ! I tell you, that is the space in which Sanatana Dharma has grown. That is the space in which the whole Hindu Tradition has expanded. That is the space in which the whole Vedic Tradition has flowered! These Commentaries, different Commentaries, these different Commentaries, the kind of a space available in the Vedic Tradition, the kind of a space that existed in Sanatana Dharma. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/upanishads-make-incarnations#gsc.tab=0

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