Upanishads - Recieve the Sacred Cognition

January 6, 2015


Today’s (07th January, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Living Advaita series on Upanishads. Paramahamsa Nithyananda assures us that we can all experience the Upanishads; we just need openness. With this openness, we will accumulate the ultimate wealth in our life directly from the Upanishads – sacred knowledge, sacred sentiment and sacred cognition TRANSCRIPTS:- In Vedic Tradition, six deities are worshipped as the direct representation of the Cosmos: Ganesha, Subramanya, Surya, Shiva, Devi, and Vishnu. And Guru, your own Guru. So, these are the seven major Sampradhayas in Vedic Tradition. Six Sampradhayas worshipping the six gods, and the seventh Sampradhaya worshipping your own Guru. These six Sampradhayas worshipping six gods is “Shanmatha”, is called “Shanmatha”. The Vedic Tradition is the totality of this Shanmatha. All the six gods are worshipped as the representation of the Supreme Brahman, the Cosmos. See, like Mahadeva is worshipped as the embodiment of all the gods and goddesses, Ganesha is worshipped as the embodiment of all gods and goddesses. The Ganesha Purana, Vinayaka Purana declares it is Ganesha who created Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra; and he has Brahmanda, the whole Cosmos, is in his belly. Same way, Subramanya Purana declares him (Subramanya) as superior. And Devi Bhagawatham declares Devi as superior. Vaishnava scriptures declare Vishnu as superior. Same way, Guru Gita declares Guru as superior. And Surya Purana, there are descriptions about Surya; and some parts of the Brahmanda Purana describe Surya as the source of everything. Totally, these six gods and your own Guru, all the seven are worshipped as supreme representations, supreme representations of the Cosmos. All the seven are worshipped as the “Poorna Brahman” in Vedic Tradition. If you are a follower of any of these seven traditions, you belong to Vedic Tradition, you are a Hindu. This wide variety provides choice, please understand. As I said, choice is not because of confusion, but because of intelligence, because of possibilities, looking at the possibilities. Let us enter into today’s satsangh, Upanishads. UPANISHADS! Still I feel I have not introduced eighty percent of what I wanted to say about Upanishads. Today I am going to look at Upanishads from various Master’s views – eastern and western. Even the modern-day teachers, professors, translators, historians, they were all shocked to see Upanishads. Some accepted the greatness and praised. Some tried to distort so that the glory is reduced. Some tried to say these are all written very recently, very recently, copying the ideas from western spiritual books. No, some tried to say that! So, when something extraordinary, mind-blowing is in front of you, either mind surrenders, bows down to its glory and enjoys its presence and dissolves into it, or tries to deny its existence, to assert.....tries to deny its existence, to assert. So, understand, Upanishads are too big! Just by reading and understanding, it refines the sacred understandings, sacred sentiments, sacredness of your existence. Please understand, there are some books which can refine your understanding. There are some books which can refine your sacred sentiments. But, only the Upanishads can refine your understanding, sentiments, and your sacred beingness. “Beingness” means, experiencing liberation as your existence of the future, present and past. Liberation as your future, present and past. Liberation as your future, present and past. Refining your being, please understand, the understanding which becomes part of your being, which stays in your being as cognition, which is a powerful existential and experiential truth.... I think, so many words I am putting. I will try to convey it in very simple words, straightforward words. Listen! See, for example, if you have strong belief inside you about you that you are a blessed being, god is supporting you and he is constantly taking care of you, you can pray to him and he supports you, that is one of the very fine, subtle, sacred experiences you having about you. And same way, if you have that feeling-connection, ‘Whenever I call upon my god or guru, immediately he responds to me, he is available to me,’, if you have that as part of you..... Please listen, these are all not “faith”. No! Not “belief”. No! No! LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/upanishads-recieve-sacred-cognition

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