Upanishads teaches how to live advaita

January 8, 2015


Today’s (08th January, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Living Advaita series on Upanishads. Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands how the Upanishads are the most powerful path to Living Advaita. The main theme of the Upanishads is to make us live Advaita by giving us sacred knowledge, sacred sentiments and the sacred cognition. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I will expand on the main theme of Upanishads. Please understand, listen, yesterday I was expanding on Jnana, Bhakthi, Vijnana. Having all the necessary intellectual understanding to live Advaitha is “Jnana”. Having all the intellectual understanding, listen, having all the necessary intellectual understanding is “Jnana”. Having all the necessary feeling-connection strength to live Advaitha is “Bhakthi”. Having all the necessary cognitions to live Advaitha is “Vijnana”. Listen! Having all the intellectual understanding which is necessary to live Advaitha. “Living Advaitha” means, radiating all powerful, all knowledge, always blissful, Satchitanandamaya. Satchitananda is not a fantasy, please be very clear. It is not a fantasy of the Hindu brain. No! It is not a fairy tale from some old rishis of Taraka Vana or Naimisharanya. No! Listen! Listen! Satchitananda is not fantasy. It is reality! Satchitananda is reality! I am not interested in debating with the people who call this as fantasy. I am only interested in giving this experience to people who want to receive it. With more debates, more time will be wasted. I am not interested in that. I am not interested in leading to unnecessary debate; but I am always ready to clarify all the possible doubts. Upanishads, Upanishads, Upanishads are the most powerful expansion of Living Advaitha. Listen! I just feel in front of me each concept is sitting like a huge hill; I have to climb each hill, explain that, and come down; and climb the next hill, explain that, and come down. Because, the way the Jnana, whatever is required for you to live Advaitha is explained in the Upanishads, Oh god! Such brilliant brains cannot have fantasies, please understand; cannot have delusions. You can never think of the brains of the rishis having delusions or fantasies. No! Somebody who can grasp, understand and poetically present such high truths, in no way you can accuse them of having fantasies or delusions. That is why I am telling you, Satchitananda is not delusion. It is as true as your breakfast and good night’s sleep. If you come and tell me you had your breakfast just now, I am not going to accuse you of delusion, illusion. I know it is a reality. Because, breakfast is possible; you can eat it. It would have happened. It is that simple! Please understand, it is that simple! If you come and tell me, ‘I had a peaceful sleep, good night’s sleep.’, I am not going to accuse you, ‘Oh, you must have been deluded. May be you are in delusion, you are in fantasy. How can you have a good night’s sleep?’ No! A good night’s sleep is simple possibility! I am telling you, Satchitananda, the all-knowing, all-powerful, always blissful, is such a simply possibility. It is pathetic, really, really, really pathetic – that is the word I will use: “pathetic” – to deny the existence of your very higher possibility. Arrey, denying the higher possibility, denying your higher possibility is denying your future! Understand, if you deny that you can ever become rich, happy, comfortable, you are denying your whole future. Same way, denying your possibility of Satchitananda is denying your spiritual future. It is spiritual suicide! Don’t allow people to force you to commit spiritual suicide. And, I am telling you, there are tons and tons and tons of people who are forcing you to commit spiritual suicide through their direct, indirect teachings and preachings. Through the TV serials, cinemas, books, entertainment shows, media, internet, what not, people are constantly forcing you to deny your future spiritual possibility. Guru is the death bell for all those ignorance. Listen! Guru is the powerful wake-up call towards your spiritual possibility. Waking you to your spiritual possibility, waking you to your spiritual future! Waking you to your spiritual future, waking you to your spiritual possibility! Waking you to your spiritual future, waking you to your spiritual possibility is the job of the Guru! LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/upanishads-teaches-how-live-advaita#gsc.tab=0

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