Upanishads - The Expression of The Cosmos

January 5, 2015


Today’s (05th January, 2015) Morning Satsang continues on the Living Advaita series about the Upanishads. Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives us a glimpse into the beings that were responsible for allowing the Upanishads to happen – the ancient Rishis. When they sat in samadhi, their whole beings began vibrating and reverberating w/the sacred truths - the Cosmos started singing and radiating thru them. This Divine expression is called the Upanishads. TRANSCRIPTS:- Let us enter into Upanishads. UPANISHADS! Actually, just every day when I come and sit here and utter that word, “Upanishads”, the way the truths are overflowing, verbalization becomes a big job! Finding ideas is not at all a big job; verbalising them has become a big job! There are tons of books and tons of authors. But, this book, Upanishads, to tell you honestly, if I have to put it a little poetically, the words feel shy to introduce Upanishads! Words feel shy to introduce Upanishads! If a child asks, ‘What is the size of an apple?’, you can show like this (Swamiji gestures with his hands). ‘What is the size of a pumpkin?’, you can show like this (Swamiji again gestures with his hands). If the child asks, ‘What is the size of the Planet Earth?’, can you show like this? (Swamiji spreads his arms wide). No! This is not in any way signifying the size of the Planet Earth! You can show, ‘This big!’ (Swamiji again spreads his arms wide). But, that is in no way signifying the size of the Planet Earth! That is in no way doing justification to the size of the Planet Earth! Please understand! So, what will I do with these words to introduce Upanishads? I can only pull my mouth like this and say, “It is this big!’ The way they introduce you to you, the way they introduce the world to you, the way they introduce god to you, the way they introduce life to you, nothing can be compared to Upanishads. Whether the purity of the substance they are delivering, or the poetic way they are expressing, or the very sound in which they have nicely embedded the vibrations of Kundalini awakening! Upanishads not only have a linguistic and poetic importance, meaning, they have even phonetic importance. Even phonetically they are important. Actually, by the religious historians classifying Upanishads under Hinduism, they brought a great respect to Hinduism. And, of course, Hindus are the inheritors. It is our inheritance, no doubt. But we need to live it and share it with the world. It does not belong just to us. Please understand, we might have been inheritors, but it does not belong just to us; it belongs to the whole universe! Actually, I am feeling so much to start talking on the verses, on the Upanishads! And I feel I have not done justice to introducing, I have not set the context; because, only from the right context it should be taught. I have not set the context. I have to set the context. “Upanishad” means, “sitting”, that’s all! Just “sitting”! We can give the meaning “sitting at the feet of the Master”, or, “sitting with the Divine”. But the word “Upanishad” means, “sitting”, that’s all! When you sit, when YOU sit – I don’t say your body sits; I am not saying your body sits – when YOU sit, Truth is revealed! Upanishads! See, when the rishis sat within them in Samadhi, their whole being started vibrating, reverberating with the sacred truths. The whole being started vibrating and reverberating with the sacred truths. The Cosmos started singing through them. The Cosmos started radiating through them. That expression is Upanishads! That expression is Upanishads! Upanishads! That is why, in Sanskrit, we define a “Rishi” as “Mantra Drashta” – “who sees mantra”, understand? Not “the one who writes mantra”, or “listens to mantra”. No! “Who sees mantra”! Means, when you are experiencing, always even the sound will be perceived by the eyes, understand?. If the sound is heard by the ears, you are “hearing”. If the sound is perceived by all five senses, you are “experiencing”. So, sound, even seen, mantras seen, when your eyes experience sound, the lines you experience are only called “Akshara”. Please understand, our rishis experienced each sound. अ (“ah”), when they experienced that sound (the sound अ – “ah”), what was the line through which their eyes experienced that sound, that line becomes “Akshara”. They were so highly evolved, so free of worries, all their survival needs are fulfilled, and they were in such high space. That is the beauty! LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:-video/upanishads-expression-cosmos#gsc.tab=0

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