Upanishads the First and Foremost Sacred Text

January 4, 2015


Today’s (04th January, 2015) Morning Satsang continues on the Living Advaita series about the Upanishads. Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the 6 thought trends that awaken the highest possibilities in us. The source of these liberated thought trends are the Upanishads. The first and foremost spiritual, sacred texts on the planet Earth are the Upanishads. TRANSCRIPTS:- All over the world, the celebration begins. Mahadeva and Devi and Guru’s deity, all of them are today in “Sarvalankara”, beginning the Brahmotsava. Let us receive the grace of Mahadeva and continue the satsangh. I can see, already all the gods, goddesses, siddhas, rishis, munis, ganas, have landed in Bidadi to celebrate the Brahmotsava! When an enlightened being is in the body, when an incarnation is in the body, not only human-beings – his devotees, disciples – celebrate his presence, even the siddhas, rishis, kinnara, kimpuruda, gandharva, gandhara, all of them also come down to Planet Earth to enjoy his leelas (divine play) and celebrate his presence. I can see, already all of them are here to celebrate the Nithyananda Brahmotsava. Let us raise the flag today, Nithyananda Dhwaja today, and start the Nithyananda Brahmotsava celebrations. UPANISHADS! This very word when I utter, the joy experientially radiating! I feel, again and again, how to introduce this book? Every dimension of this book is a separate book! Upanishads are the first and foremost book in the Vedic Tradition which is the first and foremost spiritual tradition of the world. Very conveniently, comfortably, without any contradiction, conflict, with all my integrity I can tell you, the Vedic Tradition is the first and foremost spiritual tradition on Planet Earth. Same way, without any conflict, contradiction, confusion, dilemma, with all my integrity, authenticity, I can tell you, Upanishads are the first and foremost books of the Vedic Tradition. Even the word “book” is a small word to mention Upanishads. Upanishads, they are the source of all the spiritual thought-trends, all the spiritual thought-currents. Please understand, in Vedic Tradition we developed six ways of Liberated Thinking. Let me explain the word “Liberated Thinking”. Liberated Thinking means, the thinking style which constantly keeps you excited, enthusiastic, energetic, joyful, rejuvenating yourself, naturally intelligent and naturally aligned to the laws of life, and naturally blissful. By your very nature, you are blissful, intelligent, conscious, aware. You are hardwired to experience the peak possibility, highest existence. The thought-trends which awaken your highest possibilities, which make you live your highest possibilities, which make you feel fully excited, fully joyful, fully awakened, fully alive, those thought-trends only we call as “Liberated Thinking Trends”. The six systems of Liberated Thinking Trends the Vedic Tradition developed are: Sankhya, Yoga, Purva Mimamsa, Uttara Mimamsa, Nyaya, Vaiseshika. These are the six major Liberated Thinking thought-trends the Vedic Tradition developed. Sankhya: By understanding Existence, the laws with which Nature is functioning, Prakriti, Nature, and the laws with which it is associated to the Source, Consciousness, by understanding those laws, aligning yourself to it, through this having a liberated thinking is “Sankhya”. Yoga: Whatever you think as you, your body and mind, tuning this to Existence, through this aligning these two to Existence, through this experiencing the ultimate completion, fulfilment, knowledge, joy, excitement, bliss, existence, and feeling the bliss and experiencing fulfilment, this thought-trend is called “Yoga”. Please understand, I am just literally cooking the whole Vedic Tradition and giving it to you in the form of a soup, hot soup. Drink it! Without any difficulty you can just imbibe. Just bring your listening, that’s all! Purva Mimamsa: Through your actions, aligning with the various energies of the Cosmos and experiencing the Ultimate, experiencing enlightenment and fulfilment and Completion, experiencing liberated thinking. That is “Purva Mimamsa”, Karma Khaanda. Uttara Mimamsa: And just by aligning your understanding, “buddhi”, about you, god, and the world – Jiva, Eshwara, Jagat – and living the liberated thinking style is “Uttara Mimamsa”, Vedanta. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/upanishads-first-and-foremost-sacred-text-0#gsc.tab=0

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