Upanishads The First Books Ever Written

January 3, 2015


In today’s (03rd January, 2015) Upanishad Series Morning Satsang, Paramahasma Nithyananda delves deeper into the truth behind the Upanishads – they have no author, therefore, they are pure, uncorrupted by greed and fear. The ancient rishis completely dropped their individuality, allowing the cosmos to enter into them so they can receive and reveal the truths to the world. TRANSCRIPTS:- Upanishads! The more I remember this word, more is pouring out. I will continue to expand on “Apourushyathwa”; means, “authorless”. So many dimensions need to be explored; we need to understand about this concept of Apourushyathwa, authorless. Please understand, yesterday, as I was explaining, any idea, any truth, any concept, any theology, the more the person is present in that theology, the more it is useful only for him, not for the whole world, not for the Whole, not for humanity or society or the whole universe. Less the individual is present, more the concept, the idea, the theory, the philosophy is useful for humanity, society, for the Whole. Less the part is present, more useful for the Whole. More the part is present, less useful for the Whole. Understand, less the individual is present, more the truths, concepts, ideas, are useful to the whole humanity, society, and the universe. More it is universal, less individual. More individual, less universal. The individual’s influence should only be for the sake of enriching, never for the sake of establishing the person’s identity. I tell you, history is always written by the people who won the wars. That is why it is never factual, “as it happened”. No! No history is factual. Only when the author’s individual vested interests, fear and greed to certain ideologies disappear, only then the history becomes factual, whole, useful for the whole universe and the whole humanity, whole society. History written by the people who do not have any vested interests only is called “Puranas”. Puranas are more factual than any history written by the people with vested interests. Don’t read any book where the author is heavily present. If the author has disappeared within him and he doesn’t have any vested interests, fear or greed for an ideology, then READ THAT PERSON, not just his books! Read that person’s very life! Be around him and learn; you will catch the truth! Apourushyathwa! Even if the author wants to establish his name, there is a corruption, there is a reason, there is a vested interest, there is a fear or greed. Sometimes authors do not put their name, but they put some popular person’s name, because they wanted that popular identity to protect their work. That is why so many works are attributed to Adi Shankara. Only when the individual is absent, his personal vested interests, fear and greed disappear, dissolve, he becomes a pure channel for Existence to sing its own existence. Upanishads are Existence’s songs about its existence. Existence’s songs about its existence! Upanishads, they are so extraordinary, no one can claim ownership. All human-beings put together from the beginning only have built so many cities all around the Planet Earth. But can all of us put together claim, even after all this work can we claim ownership for the Planet Earth? No! It is too big to claim ownership! Natural disasters and calamities are again and again Nature’s Legal Notice to us saying, ‘Don’t claim ownership!’ Natural disasters and natural calamities are the Legal Notice sent to human-beings again and again: ‘Just because you built so many cities, don’t claim ownership! May be you have done a great job, but that does not give you the right to claim ownership!’ These great truths revealed in the Upanishads, listen, the truths revealed in the Upanishads are too big! Just because through you it got revealed, you cannot claim ownership. It is foolishness to claim ownership for a country because you found the sea-route for that country. Yes, you might have found the sea-route, but you cannot claim ownership for that country because of that. Just because you have found that the earth is round, you cannot claim ownership for the earth. The truths revealed in these Upanishads are too vast, too big! Rishis not only did not want to claim ownership, they did not even want to leave their name as the authors. Those few beings who raised themselves to vibrate in the very frequency of the Cosmos, the very frequency of the Brahman, Universe, they actually disappeared into that! LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/upanishads-first-books-ever-written#gsc.tab=0

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