Vegetarian Diet for Manifesting Extraordinary Powers

August 10, 2016


This short video is taken from a session at Kumbh Mela, the Shuddhadvaita Shaivam program, on 7 May 2016. Swamiji explains why we should live a vegetarian lifestyle for our enlightenment and for manifesting extraordinary powers. Plants are also life, no doubt. But they have not developed the bio memory where the pain is stored and gets inside your system and creates pain, no. So if you consume them, there is no pain going inside your system along with it. But with the animal, the muscles have the capacity to store muscle memory and bio memory. So when the animals get killed, they leave a tremendous pain and suffering, which gets recorded in the muscle memory and bio memory. When you eat that, you will fall into depression for a small reason. Your husband late from the office for 5 minutes is enough, to make him as a late husband. Understand, for very small reasons you fall into depression. Because your bio-memory is prone to depression. When you are eating the dead animals’ flesh, you are also eating the muscle memory, bio memory recorded in it. That becomes part of you, you become prone to that pain. That is why I request you to become vegetarian. Even if you are a seeker, without vegetarian lifestyle you will not achieve anything. Vegetarian lifestyle is a basic need. Not only vegetarian lifestyle, not eating anything grown out of chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers. Try to become more and more organic because, chemicals create a toxic mental setup in your system. I am giving you the straight conclusions - try to become more and more natural, organic consumer. It is good for your seeking, good for your mental balance, good for you, over all it is good for your enlightenment and manifesting all these powers.

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