Vegetarianism and the Power of Living Without Food: Nirahara Samyama

March 9, 2016


In this clip, taken from the full video Why Vegetarianism (, Nithyananda explains how a lifestyle of vegetarianism prepares your body for the power of living without food. Through vegetarian diet, we can awakening the same biomemory as plants have. The body can express the power of taking energy directly from the prana available in sunlight or the air. This power is amazing for greater health, for having a yogic body, ready to express higher levels of consciousness. Also side effects as weight-loss, increase of vitamins, lower levels of cholesterol happen for people who practice Nirahara Samyama, through the process of going beyond food. The power to live without food is a power which is really possible for all human beings - thousands of Nithyananda's disciples have proved it to be possible. In Nirahara Samyama, vegetarian diet is a first step.

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