Vertical Time Zones - Hindu Revelations on Nature of Reality, Cosmology & Consciousness (08 Sep2019)

April 30, 2020


HDH delivers yet another mind-blowing webinar - in a practical, understandable way revealing the deepest understandings on the Nature of Reality, Time, Matter, Cosmology, and Consciousness. The purpose of all of Hinduism is to move you to higher times zone. Whether yoga, puja (offering of worship), bhajan (devotional songs), japa (chanting of divine names) - all spiritual practices are only to raise the quality of your consciousness. The first thing that happens when you experience vertical times zones beyond the regular mundane life we live, all fears disappear, tremendous inner healing, extreme love, extreme care, extreme sweetness about your existence, a whole powerful way of existing awakens in you. Superpowers manifest and the extreme maturity of consciousness snowballs you into higher and higher vertical time zones. HDH gifts the extraordinary KAYAKALPA YOGA PROGRAM - 21 month intensive retreat FREE of cost - to awaken and establish you in higher vertical time-zones, awaken to an existence of SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS and SUPERPOWERS. Powerful process to give a glimpse of Kailasa 11 dimensions, 25 states of consciousness and panchkritya - 5 expressions of Paramashiva

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