What is Dharma?

September 13, 2013


What is Dharma (cosmic law)? the age old question is answered in a simple and straight forward way by the top Spiritual Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda in His discourse delivered to the global live audience this 12th of September, 2013 Swamiji spoke about Dhamma; the law of life that flows into you with no necessity for Spiritual Practice. Dhamma is the non-controversial flow of life that leaves both sides complete. the basic principle is what you don't want done to you , you don't do to others. You don's want others stealing form You don't want people to steal from you so you practice astheya-non stealing. You don't want planet earth stripped of all resources so you practice aparigraha-living with only what you need. You don't want someone to kill or hurt you so you practice ahimsa non-harming. You don't want to be lied to so you practice satya- telling the truth and you don't want another person to violate your physical space so you practice brahamacharya- no interfering in someones physical space. Completion means burning all the complicated patterns that keep you in incompletion.I is so unfortunate that these days the brain is established in incompletion. In that case spontaneity leads to lying. When you are complete spontaneity leads to only more completion. Completion is the only thing you need to practice. When you are in the space of completion you are flowing with the natural flow of life; you are in right karma. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on the word, one word -- "DHAMMA". What is Dhamma? Understand, I am defining "Dhamma". Dhamma is the law of life which flows into you as the natural existential experience without any necessity for spiritual practice or understanding. Please understand, Dhamma is the natural flow of law of life, natural flow of law of existence;, without any necessity for any spiritual practice or understanding. Understand these truths! If somebody tries to attack you, what will you do? Naturally you will defend yourself. Do you need a special spiritual practice for it? Do you need a special understanding? Whether you know the technique or not, method or not, system or not, by the very existence, you will defend your life. Because you don't want to be killed, you not killing others is Dhamma. Please understand, because you don't want to be killed, you not killing others that is Ahimsa. Whatever you don't want to be done to you, not doing that to others. Same way, your properties, naturally you don't want that to be stolen. So, you not stealing others' property is Astheya. Naturally you don't want anybody to lie to you. You not lying to others is Sathya. Whether you are a man or a woman, naturally you don't want anybody's physical interference in your life, uninformed and uninvited physical interference in your life. Doing the same to others, not interfering in others' physical space uninformed and uninvited, is Brahmacharya. See, very clearly, Dhamma, Dhamma is nothing but just these few basic truths! You don't want to be killed, so don't kill others. You don't want to be lied to, so don't lie to others. You don't want to be robbed, so don't rob others. You don't want to be exploited, so don't exploit others. You don't want others to live with all the resources of the world, so you don't do the same -- Aparigraha. Please understand, Astheya, Aparigraha, Brahmacharya, Sathya, Ahimsa -- non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, not robbing the resources of the world, and non-interference in others' physical plane. Please listen! Do you need any special spiritual practice or understanding to live these principles? No! See, when somebody attacks you, do you need a special spiritual understanding, or for ages do you have to read some books, or do some spiritual practice to defend you? See, whether you are able to defend yourself or not is separate; whether you are successful or not is separate; but even a worm or ant raises itself and tries to defend itself. Understand, you defending your existence, you defending your life, you defending your identity, you defending what you think as you, is natural. Do the same thing to others. That is what is "natural flow of life". Understand, Dhamma is always non-controversial. Please listen! Anything other than Dharma, anything other than Dhamma, always will leave some incompletion in you, some controversy in you. Dhamma is the one and only non-controversial flow of life, flow of existence! All judgments lead to more and more arguments, appeal. But all the solutions based on Dhamma leave both sides complete, please listen, because Dhamma is a natural law of life, natural existence of life. Dhamma does not need any special spiritual practice, special spiritual understanding. It is just established on one truth: "What you don't want to be done to you, don't do it to others!" that's all. I have a story for you guys: A man and his wife, both of them are in the Divorce Court.

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