What is missing in Hinduism?

almost 11 years ago


TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 IN KODAIKANAL, INDIA In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) addresses Hinduism's need to return to its original spirituality. The fundamental practice of Upanishad, in which devotees sit in the presence of a Master and integrate the principles of meditation, is no longer transmitted as a central religious element among Hindus. Ideally, children learn this practice from their parents at an early age and carry the reverence they acquire into adulthood. Nithyananda points out that while non-Hindus are often forbidden to worship in Hindu temples, Hindus themselves may not be worshipping with the right spiritual understanding. He recommends that Hindus return to the Vedic roots of their spirituality. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- It is so unfortunate that whole Hinduism lost this Upanishad. Buddhism is still able to create more and more enlightened beings just because they held on to that one truth "Zazen". Zazen means just sitting. It is so unfortunate even the priests in the South Indian Temples are standing and doing Pooja. So this idea of sitting is completely lost. Above the Mahakal, if you see all temples will be sitting and doing Pooja. Below Mahakal, all will be standing and doing Pooja. It is unfortunate. You may think "What is there in sitting". You don't know. I tell you. You don't know -- power of sitting. By sitting, sitting, you will learn how to be sitting with aloneness "Rahasistitaha, Aatmanam rahasistitaha". That is why, in Hindu tradition, the highest practice is called Upanishad. The highest preaching is called Upanishad. Even the place where the teaching is transmitted is called seat. Peeta. Understand. So much of importance was given to sitting. I tell you. If you learn sitting, sitting, sitting, you will easily pick-up this sitting with yourself. The Upanishad. If I have my own way, I will really tell all our Ashrams and centers, have furniture and chairs only for the people who cannot sit on the floor. Elders or who are sick or handicapped. Even to all our devotees, I give this as a spiritual instruction. Only when you are not feeling well, when you can't sit on the floor, use furniture. Otherwise even in the house have furniture for the visitors. But when you all guys sit, all you guys sit on the floor. You don't know, this habit of sitting on the floor will slowly help you to sit with yourself. Upanishad. So in 11 days you can catch that Upanishad samyama. In Buddhism they have a very beautiful way. They will just gaze at the wall, facing the wall they will sit and gaze. No thoughts allowed. Just sit. Bodhi dharma sat in Upanishad for 12 years gazing the wall. Now after all, all you guys, Niraharis, you may need to move your head away from the wall may be 3 times a day for juice. I really wanted Hinduism to get back to that truth of Upanishad. It is so sad when I went to Nepal this time, in Katmandu I saw 82 percent Hindu population, only 5 percent budhist population but go in any street, you will find 10 buddhist monks going around. You will not find a single Hindu monk. It is so sad. You guys lost all the spiritual wealth, you inherited. Why do you think your next generation is not becoming monks. Because it was never based on the spiritual inspiration. You can see those Buddhist monks highly educated, cultured working on the spiritual truths. The few hindu monks you will see that's also very few. One or two. Old beggars. In Katmandu, Pasupathinath temple asking for few penny. That's it. I take a vow in the name of Maha Kala and Maha Kali. Just through the akashic readings, inspiring and initiating I will create atleast 100 thousand sadhus, sanyasis. I mean youngsters, celibates living enlightenment and spreading enlightenment. Giving life to the vedic tradition. It is really unfortunate that these great spiritual heritage. In Zen monasteries, Buddhist monasteries, you can see thousands of monks sitting in Zazen for a whole day. Hats off to ISKON movement for making ajapa japa as a life style. They atleast brought that back. But one of the greatest heritage of Hinduism, vedic tradition the Upanishad. Neither gurus talk about it nor disciples practice. The general public do not even have confidence that Upanishad is possible in their life. In Hindiusm if you are a monk, you can't even survive unless you do some social service. I am not against social service. Just now I blessed the people who gave the money. I am going to send this and going to do social service. But that should not replace our mystical explorations. Unfortunately, in Hinduism the mystical exploring has been replaced by running schools, colleges and hospitals. Each person inspired about enlightenment is a diamond. His time and energy should be directed towards achieving the enlightenment and radiating the extraordinary experiences and powers of enlightenment.

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