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In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda discusses the meaning of birth purpose and life purpose -- "happening" purpose. Birth purpose is bio memory, our true reason for living. Happening purpose is muscle memory - what society teaches us should be our life's purpose. Conflict between these two creates feelings of powerlessness and lack of fulfillment. When we bring integrity to our awareness we can align our sense of purpose, free ourselves from conflict and discover enlightenment. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today's subject for Nithya Satsangh: "FULFILLMENT IN THE LIFE". Please listen! All the unfulfillment in your life reminds you to become more authentic to your purpose of happening. Purpose of birth is different, purpose of happening is different. Fortunately, if both align, you will become Jeevan Muktha. Why you are born is your "praarabdha" -- purpose of birth. Purpose of happening means, after birth so many things which came to you -- your education, your knowledge, your intellect, your society - all the things came to your life decides purpose of your happening. Purpose of happening can be changed. It is called "aagaamya" in Sanskrit. Purpose of birth can't be changed. If your purpose of birth and happening are aligned, you become enlightened, you become complete. Things which happen around you, attracts your attention, makes you take momentary decision, gives you tremendous passion, kind of a fulfillment, kick, feeling of fulfillment, but not the fulfillment itself. Many a time, things which are happening around you gives you so much of passion, before even you achieve the fulfillment of your life, birth, you leave the body. I will give you examples. Vivekananda - he was filled with so much of energy, by the grace of Ramakrishna he found purpose of his birth and purpose of happening. Both aligned, he completed and left the body. See, when I say the word "the purpose of happening", what appears to be your goal based on your desires and options you choose. You may choose to become a great engineer. You may choose to become a great doctor. You may choose to become a great architect. You may choose to become a great actor. These all is purpose of happening, because these all you decide after somebody tells you, society shows you. It is called "aagamya". Means, after you see, look around, do the window shopping, you pick up the object you need to buy, but you did not go to the shop or mall with that aim when you started from your house. When you started from your house, with what idea you are going, means, if you are going to buy groceries, that is the purpose of your life. After going there, you see too many things displayed. You go around, do the window shopping; along with groceries you start buying jewels also, clothes also. That is purpose of happening. Make out the difference. For what you start from the house and go to the mall is purpose of birth. What all inspires you and you start doing other than your main purpose is purpose of happening. Many a time, you spend all your money in purpose of happening and forget the purpose of birth itself! Aligning this two will directly lead you to success. Aligning this two will directly lead you to success. Please listen! How to align? I will give you the simple basic truth. Constantly be in Integrity in your thinking. Even the subtle negativities, wipe them, wipe them, wipe them. Infuse complete awareness into your thinking and bring Authenticity in your thinking and actions. I will give you the essence in Hindi. Aligning! Either you align or malign! Either you align the purpose with the purpose of your birth or malign the purpose of your birth! It is so unfortunate, human-beings do not know how to align with even their own birth, purpose of their own birth. When you constantly practice Integrity, you will see not only negativities are weeded out, negativities disappear, you will also see the unusual happening inside you, suddenly, hundreds of thoughts constantly which you repeat in you unconsciously will start disappearing, it will start evaporating. You will find more space in your inside! If you feel more space inside you, you will feel conflict-free and powerful. Too much of traffic congestion inside your inner space is powerlessness and contradictions and conflicts. If your inner space traffic is too congested, you will feel contradictory, conflict and powerless. If your inner space has lot of free space, means you are relaxed, you are in restful awareness, you have joy, you have fulfillment, you are YOU! That takes away so much of conflicts, contradictions and powerlessness. People ask me, as I said, 'How can I find out my purpose of birth?' I think you should continue, continue, continue to practice Integrity. Constantly practice Integrity; Means, infusing awareness in your thinking, Infusing awareness into your thinking. Your thinking has to be filled with Integrity. Be very clear,any word you give it to others

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