What Is the Purpose of Yoga?

about 7 years ago


Sign up: tiny.cc/2016yogaday Special International Yoga Day FREE WEBINAR on June 21 2016 What you've never been told about yoga: "Revelations of The Revealed Scriptures" Learn the ancient knowledge that will make you connect to your source and experience true Yoga. A ground-breaking worldwide broadcast by born Yogi, mystic, and living Enlightened spiritual master, Sri Nithyananda Swami. Sign up: tiny.cc/2016yogaday In this short video, taken from the 'Yoga Webinar and Kriya for Inner Peace (2015)' http://bit.ly/1W6VEFv, Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks about the purpose of yoga. Yoga is a science revealed to the universe by Mahadeva, the Adi Guru himself, with the purpose of awakening our inner potential energy. Yoga is much more than just the physical postures, the asanas, and its goal is much more than just our health and well-being. Through yoga, our body, mind, and our breathing reach their peak potential, ultimately to awaken our Kundalini Shakti. Once that is awakened, extraordinary abilities and powers open up in us. This makes yoga one of the greatest gifts Mahadeva has given to the world! Transcript: Let me explain yoga. Adi Yogi Mahadeva revealed this science in the Shiva Agamas to the whole universe, as a science to awaken your inner potential energy. I don’t want to say the physical postures are not yoga, and I don’t want to say physical health is not purpose of yoga - that is also included. Please understand, there is so much of confusion. As usual, anything practices by billions will have variations, confusions, debates - it is usual. Whether the physical postures are yoga. Please understand: physical postures are also yoga. It is not that they are not part of yoga, and I also do not want to say they are alone as yoga, no. Physical postures are not excluded, but that does not mean only physical postures are yoga. It is a great science, where your body is trained to acchieve its peak potential through asanas. And mind is trained through liberated thinking. Your breathing structure is trained through pranayama. The various steps are used in yoga, ultimately, to awaken your kundalini shakti. Yoga is not meant just for your well being or health, it is meant to awaken your mystical powers. It is meant to awaken your spiritual realisation. Realising your spiritual identity is the ultimate goal of yoga. Kundalini is the inner potential energy. Once it is awakened, you will experience extraordinary health, physically, mentally, and extraordinary powers, abilities. Everything in yoga is finally aimed at: it can be as simple as washing your eyes. Or as difficult as Sirsasana or NIthya Douthi Kriyas. Everything is aimed at awakening the Kundalini Shakti in you. To awaken the extraordinary possibilities, and abilities in you. Yoga is one of the greatest gift given to the world given by Mahadeva directly. Please understand, yoga is organised by Patanjali, but gifted by Mahadeva himself.

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