What is Youth: Nithyananda Jayanthi (Birthday Celebrations) Message 22 Dec 2010

December 30, 2010


Amongst great festivities, the Nithyananda Ashram and worldwide Sanga celebrate the ever auspicious occasion of 'Anandotsav 2011' - the Jayanti Brahmotsav i.e. the 34th Birthday Celebrations of Living Enlightened Master and Rare Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Each day of the Brahmotsav (cosmic festival) is dedicated to one expression, one path of enlightenment. Today, Dec 22nd 2010, we celebrate the "Youth Day". Swamiji, who is in eternal youth Himself, defined the meaning of Youth: "A person who is ready to take the past out of his future is Youth. Not allowing the influence of past into the future is Youth". Beautifully defining living enlightenment with this idea: "The fears created by the so-called unpleasant incidents of the past or the greed created by the so-called pleasant incidents of the past should not be the base, the root to build you future. Liberating your future from greed and fear of the past means, having freedom to live your future, that is what I call Living Enlightenment". Speaking about the sufferings due to ignorance, the Master said, "I am surprised how the ignorance makes human beings feel insecurity as security and security as security. Almost all human beings carry suffered consciousness, battered consciousness, who are not initiated into Living Enlightenment. Not letting your past influence your future is the most secured future" Then, Swamiji declared a rare truth to the pleasure of all present. He said, "Just because only few hundred of you are sitting, don't underestimate what is happening here. In the conscious plane we are the most happening place in the world. If you see the plane of economy, wall street is the most happening place. Political power: Capitol hill is the most happening place. In the conscious plane, we are the most happening place in the Universe." Giving the ultimate message to the modern day youth, Swamiji shared "Each soul lands on the planet on its own and flows to achieve its fulfillment. The purpose is to achieve fulfillment. Keep your inner space fresh, alive and excited. Then you know how to take it as it comes, how to mould when it comes to you. It is a knack which cannot be expressed by you. LIFE IS A KNACK! Do not allow your past, the greed and fear inhibitions, shyness, suffering of the past into the future." Swamiji ended this beautiful Youth Day message with: "Decide from today, I will be a Youth. Eternally - NITHYA YOUVANA. I will not allow my past to be projected into future. Youth is related to BEING. Not body. You will celebrate your whole life as Youth Day".

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