What makes you jump as high as possible?

February 12, 2014


In today's (12 Feb, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands on and further defines Liberated Thinking. What is the key to Liberated Thinking? Completion! Completion is the base for everything in our lives. Practicing Completion and Authentic Listening allows us to act from the correct context, with clarity, and from a powerful space, where we can experience the possibilities that exist within us. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, the anniversary of Mahamandaleshwar Pattabhishekam. Mahamandaleshwar Pattabhishekam of Mahanirvani Peetha. Paramahamsa Nithyananda coronated as the Mahamandaleshwar of Mahanirvani Peetha today one year over. So, that is why today Rajarajeshwari, Devi, is gracing in Suvarna Palkhi, Suvarna Shipika, on the same Palkhi on which we had a procession after the Pattabhishekam, coronation. Today Devi is gracing as the seventh day of the Brahmotsavam. Within a year, so much has happened. I can't imagine only one year before we became Mahamandaleshwar Pattabhishekam has happened. Today's subject, today I will expand on "Practicing Liberated Thinking Continuously". Today morning, just when I came down from the room to the Garbha Mandir for Pada Puja, something happened. I wanted to expand on that. When I came down I saw a few of my sannyasis standing. May be they know that Swamiji is anyhow going to come down in a few minutes lets see him and walk, or just they were casually standing, or they were coming -I don't know. I saw them, and smiling at them I made a statement: 'See; only our organization can cope up with these constant festivals. Everywhere is Utsava!' See in normal life, in the regular people's life, may be once in a year, four-five days they will wake up like this early morning and get ready, go to temple or do some puja. Here every day is Utsava. Every day festival. Something or the other is going on. So I was telling our Swamis, standing and joking; because we had a few minutes extra, I was standing there and joking. Usually when I come down, I will say 'Hi', 'Bye' to all the Swamis who are standing there. And this Bhairava will always stand there waiting to receive the blessings. And I looked around and told, 'Only our organization can handle this every day Utsava.' Immediately, one Ma Swami, she replied, 'only we can handle every day these problems also....some or the other problem!' She made a statement, either self-inflicted or inflicted by others, 'some problems every day!' Immediately I looked into her. I said, 'No. Wrong cognition!' Listen, if you don't practice liberated thinking, you will have the wrong cognition. The problem of the wrong cognition is, when you cognize the problem so much, if the Cosmos wants to get your attention, if it wants to wake you up, it will only torture you and wake you up. Understand. What you cognize to become more alive, that will be supplied to you more and more and more! If the celebrations and joy makes you more alive, more excited, more joyful, that will be supplied to you again and again. Because, ultimately, Cosmos wants you to be in your peak. But if only problems and sufferings makes you to come to peak, only that stands in your memory, that only sticks out in your memory and cognition, then Cosmos will go on supplying that to you. Understand? Listen, cognize this. I told her, 'No! Wrong cognition! See the amount of work we are doing, contribution we are doing, good things happening; when you look at that.' But, this cognition please listen, I am not saying accept all the problems but all I am trying to tell you is: Don't resist. When you resist, the problem gets recorded as big in you, and you will see, forever to wake you up life will go on torturing you! It is not that life wants to torture you; but that is the only way you wake up, you come to awareness. Understand, the purpose of your individual soul is to be in the high state of awareness. If joy and excitement and celebration brings you to the high state of awareness, life gives you that. But, only suffering and torture brings you to that high state of awareness, life gives you that. Life gives you what you want. Life gives you what you want. Life's purpose is to make you high aware. And life can't keep quiet because you created it! Life has no Stay Order. You can't get a Stay Order for life. And the more you cognize problems, means only problems brings you to your peak .Then naturally, to keep you in the peak, Cosmos goes on supplying problems. I have seen in my life, when I cause somebody's reality, I am in my peak. When I just sit in Samadhi, I am in my peak. I saw the Cosmos bring these two constantly for me. Whole day I am in Samadhi! Whole day I go on causing people's reality! Understand, whatever brings you to your peak, life will cause that to you. So don't allow your cognition to carry so much of vengeance towards you and others.

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