When Attachment Dies All Pervading Awareness Grows..

January 25, 2008


From the works of Living Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. This clip is taken from Shiva Sutras discourses titled, "Transcend through the body" and "Don't Think Be Aware". Whoever shows you the reality tends to become the target of your anger. That is why Masters from time immemorial masters are only talking to the people who are seeking. Swamiji says that many people are happy with the life they have and Master has no right to disturb these people. It is only those who are serious to seek the truth that Master reveals it. Swamiji tells us that once we remove the attachment to this body, you will realize you are everywhere. Only when attachment dies all pervading awareness will grow. The complete discourses may be ordered online at www.lifeblissgalleria.com.

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