Who Wrote Upanishads?

January 2, 2015


In today’s (2nd Januarary, 2015) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains many powerful insights on society. We suffer with the madness of “for profit” mentality. Currency is a delusion and “for profit” should not be used in basic needs industries like health, food, clothing and so on. Health is a reality but currency delusion. Let mad people play with the collective greed and delusions, keeping share trading and currency out of non-profit, basic needs industries. Let the basic needs of people not be corrupted by fear and greed. TRANSCRIPTS:- UPANISHADS! Before explaining a book, we have to explain what it stands for. Before explaining what it stands for, I have to explain who made it stand for that. Before explaining who made it stand for that, I have to explain who wrote it. That is where now the whole thing starts. How can we tell the modern world that something exists there is a book which has no author? Profound, extraordinary expressions, truths, realizations, revelations, but no author! Author is dissolved in the authenticity of the truths. Please understand, whenever a book is written, the truth and the personality who presents the truth, both of them are expressed in that book. That is why I always tell people that all books are biographies of the author. Please understand, whether it is a science or a history or a religion or philosophy, self-development, whatever classification you give, all books you have to basically classify as “Biography”, because there is no book which does not have the smell, presence, touch of the author, please understand. In the libraries, we should classify first all books as “Biography”. Under the section “Biography”, you can classify as “Biography based on Religion”, “Science based on Religion”, “Mysticism based on Religion”, “Self-help based on Religion”. More the personal involvement, more it becomes fiction, understand? In a science book the more the scientist is present, less the science is present. In a philosophy book, more the philosopher is present, less the philosophy is present. In a history book, the more the historian is present, less the fact and the history, the less the authenticity or the truth of the history is present. When the historians have personal interests, likes, dislikes, history can never be presented to you authentically. In any book, more the author is present, less the truth is presented; more his personal touch, less the reality. That is why I always insist on all pharmaceutical companies should be non-profit organizations. Having medical care under the “profit industry” is the most dangerous. Please understand, Share Trading, Forex Trading, Currency Trading, all these are stupidity; no problem. Keep it under the “for profit” people. The “for profit” mentality is a madness the world is suffering! Let the mad people work with the delusions. Currency is a delusion. Share is a delusion. So let the mad people live with delusions but health is a reality; let it not go under the hands of mad people, understand. Greed is the legal madness, legally-accepted madness. Greed is the legally-accepted madness. Currency, Share Trading, all these, all these are the delusions of the human mind which was developed by the collective greed. The mad people who are deluded by the collective greed, let them play with delusions, collective delusions; no problem. No problem, but, food, clothes, shelter, medical care, the basic needs of human-beings should be kept out of “for profit” industry, the “for profit” madness, “for profit” world, the greed. I am studying some of the principles of allopathy medicines and I wanted to boldly tell you guys, I am falling in love with allopathy system. The system itself is not wrong. There is so much of re-invention of the ayurvedic principles in allopathy. Some of the vital components they missed; that is different. Some of the vital components, allopathy’s missed or is yet to catch up; that is different but the system itself is not cunning or created for exploitation. No! The system itself is not created for exploitation out of any cunningness. So many important components of life is got caught under the legally-accepted madness of greed. Actually, we do not need any more wealth to align the world. We just need more intention to align the world, and we will have new humanity immediately. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/who-wrote-upanishads-0#gsc.tab=0

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