Why Do Hindus Perform Idol Worship?

October 1, 2014


In today’s (01st October, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how all of us carry the inner image that we have a form. This means that our image about life is form-based and we can only relate to God while he or she is in a form. The brilliance of the Vedic masters has solved this issue by creating a powerful way to relate to the cosmic energy through deity worship. Deity worship is THE way to bring world peace and bliss to humanity TRANSCRIPTS:- I just want to expand today on the importance of DEITIES AND RITUALISTIC WORSHIP. Please understand, Deities are not mere idols; they are embodiment of ideals! We do not worship the idols; we worship the ideals represented through the idols. Again and again, I wanted to insist and remind people, as long as you have the mamakaara that you are with form, you cannot have, you cannot understand, you cannot feel, you cannot experience God without form. It is from your Inner Image that Life Image will be created. What you think about life, others, God, all that will be reflection of your Inner Image. So, everyone who is with the Inner Image that they have a form – it means everyone other than enlightened beings – should know very clearly, listen, should know very clearly that their image about life and God also will be with form. So, better to accept the reality as it is first, and use the Completion and other methods and evolve to the space of Advaitha. Understand, it is really important to start from where we are standing. Whether your goal is to reach the Sun, or the Moon, or Mars, you have to start from where you are. You have to start from where you are! Deity worship is not only inevitable, it should not be avoided showing any philosophy. Even a great thinker like Kapila, who is not only the founder of Sankhya Philosophy, the founder of the world’s first philosophy, the person who started thinking first on the Planet Earth logically, who evolve the possible conclusions and probable conclusions using the power of imagination and the probabilities of imagination. Please understand these words – “possible conclusion”, “probable conclusions”, “using the power of imagination”, and “imaginable conclusions”. Sankhya is the source of all philosophies and science. “Possible Conclusions” is Maths. “Probable Conclusions” is Science. “Imaginable Conclusions” is Quantum Physics. “Possible Conclusions” is Math. “Probably Conclusions” is Science. “Imaginable Conclusions” is Quantum Physics. Listen! I want you to know, I am neither a mathematician, nor a scientist, or a quantum physicist; but, I am a Sankhya! I am a Sankhya Yogi. That is why I have defined the whole Mathematics, Science, and Quantum Physics in three statements. Possible, Probable, Imaginable, In all these three directions how our energy can flow without fear or desire blocking our energy, without any incompletions blocking our energy, that whole science was so beautifully developed by Bhagawan Kapila. Even he is very clear about meditating, connecting with the form of the God. In Bhagavatam, Kapila Gita, a beautiful theistic version of Sankhya is expanded and explained so powerfully, so perfectly. Bhagawan Kapila, who was considered to be the greatest thinker, even he is very clear that deity and deity worship should not be avoided, meditating with the form, connecting through the form should not be avoided. I have seen thousands and thousands flower through deity worship. Otherwise, why do you think! I respect, revere so much the deity worship? Please understand, I am very calculative and lazy. I am very clear about what I am saying. I don’t do anything unnecessarily. I don’t waste time, energy, and I don’t do anything without calculating. You may give your own meaning for the word “calculative” and “lazy”. I am giving you my meaning. Because, both the words I uttered, I am giving you my meaning. If I am promoting deity worship, understand it is directly useful to you. Directly! When I say “directly”, I mean it! It is directly useful to you. Mahadeva is worshipped, I can say, the most worshipped god in the world is Mahadeva. END OF SATSANG:- Advaitha Sathya, Advaitha Sathya should be lived, lived, lived, again and again and again reminded, again and again and again lived, reminded, through the temples and deity worship, through the temples and deity worship. CLICK for FUll Transcripts:- http://nithyananda.org/video/why-do-hindus-perform-idol-worship-0

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