Why does Nithyananda sit on a Golden Throne?

March 24, 2016


In this short video taken from the Q&A on Conquering Time on 6 March 2016, Nithyananda begins out to say 'I am neither arrogant, nor humble'. When a doctor introduces himself as a doctor, he is not egoistic or arrogant, he is straight. Same way, Nithyananda says, I am straight. Nithyananda also says: 'I don't claim to be humble! Look at the way I am sitting?' Next, he explains why he chooses to sit in this golden throne - because it is the Hindu lifestyle, the tradition he wants to revive. Just like he wants to revive Vedic style of cooking, dressing, construction, everything. People sometimes think it is real gold, but it is not - the seat is gold painted. But the value does not come from whether it is real gold or not, the value comes for what the throne represents: the Guru Parampara, the whole lineage of enlightened Masters before Nithyananda, from Mahadeva to his own Guru's. To pay that respect, Nithyananda bows down to the seat every time before he sits in it.

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