Why Levitation?

April 6, 2016


Do you want to use the gravitational change and the space that opens up in you for your completion, your enlightenment? Paramahamsa Nithyananda is offering a COMPLETELY FREE program, from 17 April to 24 May, where he initiates participants into 70 spiritual powers and raises them to higher consciousness. The Shuddhadvaitam program includes food, stay, and all items needed for the 70 initiations. Since the planetary alignment which is happening now in Kumbh Mela happens only once in 300 years, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Go to http://bit.ly/1RXvh17 and watch Swamiji's full discourse on the Climax of the 2012 Consciousness Shift. Go to www.tiny.cc/kumbh for information about the Kumbh Mela Shuddhadvaitam program. Go to www.tiny.cc/iamcoming to sign up. - video description - In 2012 Paramahamsa Nithyananda described how the conscious shift is happening: the gravity of our planet is changing, the pull of the earth on us is getting less. This makes a huge difference for human beings and their conscious awakening. Because the patterns we carry in our muscle-memory and bio-memory, the incompletions we have, are matter. Their weight is minimal, but they have weight. As the gravity of our planet is reducing, the possibility opens up for people to move beyond these patterns into the empty, unknown space of unclutching and completion. If you do not know how to handle this new emptiness, you might mistake this area of the unknown as loneliness, depression and feel more and more frustrated about it. From this context, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the meaning of levitation. Levitation is not for us to fly from one place to the other. But what happens in our system when we levitate is: the body is completely free of the patterns weighing us down. That is why, with levitation, depression will never have hold over you.

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