Why Vegetarianism? - Nithyananda

October 5, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda discusses health facts supporting the necessity for a vegetarian lifestyle. He outlines how and why eating non-vegetarian food is not only unhealthy for our body but also our memory, bioenergy, thoughts, emotions, and even the health of our unborn children. Studies show that meat based diets result in more depression, fear, and agitation causing more crime and unrest in society. Eat vegetarian and keep your body pure and your life exciting and joyful! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all the important personalities gathered in the Conference: Chairman of the International Vegetarian Union: Marly Winckler, President of the Asian Vegetarian Union: Professor Duo Li, Chairman of the Malaysian Vegetarian Society: Dr. P. Vaidyalingam, Secretary of the Malaysian Vegetarian Society: Mr. Krishna, Treasurer of the Malaysian Vegetarian Society: Mr. Rajkumar Seth, Master Lim Boon Tiam from the Federation of I-Kuan Tao, Association Malaysia, Datto Vaidyalingam: Social Activist, and all other delegates from all over the world, And our devotees, disciples who are sitting with us for the Nithya Satsangh. I welcome all of you with my love and respects! I am happy to be with you all on the occasion of the 41st International Vegetarian Union, World Veg Fest and the 6th Asian Vegetarian Congress at Kuala Lumpur celebrating the 108th year of the Vegetarian Union! I will try to present a few facts and truths in front of you. Today's subject is "AWAKENING THE POTENTIAL BIO-ENERGY, YOUR KUNDALINI ENERGY". In Sanskrit we have the word "Kundalini". The equivalent English word can be, "Awakening the inner potential energy, potential bio-energy". Through the diet, awakening your potential energy! We need to look into a few truths. Please understand, I am not going to speak about all the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, because all of you know enough, and I can give tons and tons of material, the solid researches done by great universities published in many medical journals. But, now I am going to address a very important need for human-beings for their physical, psychological, social fulfillment -- awakening their potential energy; the inner potential energy, potential bio-energy; when this energy is awakened, the possibilities which open up for you, and how this can be awakened through the vegetarian diet, sattvic diet. All of us know the health benefits of vegetarian food. I am not going to get into that now. I am really going to look into what is "inner potential energy", "bio-energy". The first important fact I wanted to present to all of you is: "YOU HAVE MORE POSSIBILITY THAN YOU ARE"! This is the beginning of life. This truth -- you have more possibility than you are -- is the beginning of life in any philosophy, any way of living, any way of thinking, any way of living, any system of thinking, or any religious thinking tradition. You have more possibility than what you are now. That "more possibility" is what we call bio-energy, inner potential energy. In Sanskrit, we have the word "Kundalini". You can see in your own life, when your power of feeling, your power of emotions expressed along with your power of words and power of thinking, the energy you express will be totally different. I will give you this example. When you utter some words, if your feeling is not associated with it, you know very clearly what kind of impact you create with that word inside you and outside you. Even while you are thinking, if your feeling is not associated with it, what kind of impact that thinking does inside you and outside you! Feeling infuses energy into your thinking and words. There is something in you which infuses energy into your feeling. That is what we call "Kundalini", "bio-energy", "bio-memory", "Inner potential energy"! All these different words are used, but it explains, expresses this one concept -- The power which resides in you and gives power to your feeling. All of you can understand how your power gives life to you. You all know, if your feeling is associated with a certain word, how that word becomes alive for you, if your feeling is associated with your thinking, how that thinking becomes alive for you; but, unfortunately, we do not know how our feeling gets empowered. The energy which empowers your feeling is "inner potential energy", the "bio-energy". Now I wanted you to understand how the various diets impact that inner potential energy. The first truth I wanted to present in front of all of you is: "YOU BECOME WHAT YOU EAT! ANYTHING YOU EAT, THAT BECOMES YOU!" One part of what you eat becomes your bone, muscle, flesh, blood. One part of what you eat becomes your words. One part of what you eat becomes your thinking. One part of what you eat becomes your feeling. One part of what you eat becomes your being! So, the first truth I presented is: What is inner potential energy, Kundalini Shakti, what is bio-energy or bio-memory.

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