Win the Game of Life!

October 13, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda discusses how all of His programs are alive with energy, continuously flowing like Saraswati. This December's Inner Awakening Bali Yatra will focus on the deeper aspects for creating our image as we want and to experience, express, and enjoy the power in our lives. By understanding and aligning our inner and outer image, how others view us, and how we view the world, we will achieve our peak possibility -- enlightenment! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, I welcome all of you with my love and blessings! Today, Navarathri ninth day Celebrations. Devi is gracing us as Maha Saraswathi -- embodiment of Enlightenment with Saraswathi and Lakshmi serving Her. Let's bow down to Devi as Maha Saraswathi! As you all may be aware, today's satsangh is especially about Inner Awakening level- 4 in Bali Dec 2013. Inner Awakening Yatra; Inner journey! So, we'll start with a small video on Bali. I welcome you all back to the satsangh. Still I am not able to give an introduction to Inner Awakening Level-3 itself! But I will try to introduce what we are going to work on. See, Saraswathi will be alive by ever-flowing intelligence, knowledge, life. Lakshmi will be alive by the frozen ideas. Please listen! Why diamond is valuable? Because, from the last few thousand years, people have been crazy about diamond. Why gold is valuable? Because for quite a long time, people have been crazy about gold. Based on the past ideas, Lakshmi, the concept of Wealth. But Saraswathi is based on the flowing life, flowing energy! So, all our programs are the effects of flowing Saraswathi, being alive. Continuously she expresses Herself higher and higher in more and more powerful intelligence, the powerful way. I will introduce a simple truth to all the new satsanghis; then I will move to Level-4, what we are going to be doing in Level-4. Listen! "Inner Image", the idea you have about you, inside you. Most of us have a confused idea. We don't even have a clear idea about us -- what we are and what we want or anything. Anyhow, the inner image, the idea we have about us. Second, "Outer Image" - the idea we project about us to others. In Sanskrit, Inner Image is Mamakaara - Outer Image is Ahankaara. And, "Others' Image" - what others expect from us. In Sanskrit we call it Anyakaara. "Life Image" - is what idea we carry about life and others -- Swa-Anyakaara. Just understand these four English words; that is more than enough: • Inner Image - the idea you carry about you; • Outer Image -- the idea you project about you to others; • Others' Image -- the idea others expect from you; • Life Image -- the idea you have about life. Now, I am going to give you some of the equations. Please listen! Listen! If the Outer Image is pulled towards Inner Image, it is called "Peace". If Inner Image is pulled towards Outer Image that is called "Success". Listen! If Outer Image is pulled towards Inner Image, that is called "Peace". If you keep Inner Image as a base and align your Outer to the Inner, you will be peaceful, renouncing, giving up. But if you pull your Inner to the Outer, that is called "Success". Keeping Outer as the standard, pulling the Inner to this standard, to this scale, you will be successful. That is called "Success". Listen carefully! If your Inner is pulled towards Others' Image, that is called "Love". When your Inner Image stands up to fulfill Others' Image, that is "Love". And when your Inner Image stands up to the Life's Image, please listen, if your Inner Image stands up to Life Image, that is "Destruction"; listen! Because Inner Image is always lower than Life. If the Inner Image tries to make the Life Image you carry as reality, it will be "Destruction". If the Others' Image is pulled towards Inner Image, it is "Selfishness". If Inner Image aligns itself to Others' Image, it is "Love" I am giving you the powerful sutras, principles for life with which you can understand in every situation what you are trying to do. The greatest confusions can be destroyed only by the greater truths. Simple confusions can be destroyed by simple truths! Greater confusions can be destroyed only by greater truths! Many times you go on manipulating even yourself in the name of spirituality without having clarity. If your Inner Image aligns itself to Life Image, it is "Destruction". And the Life Image you carry, please listen, the Life Image you carry, if your Inner Image tries to align with it, it creates accidents. Means, what is the Life Image you carry? Usually you carry a very low idea about life and others. When you try to make that into reality, you attract constantly accidents in your life. You understand "accident" as just going in a vehicle and hitting and falling. Don't reduce the word "accident" to just that. Even a broken relationship is an accident! Disturbed understandings are accidents!

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