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February 12, 2014


In today's (7th January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how completion is the essence of Hinduism and the key element of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Completion can get us through every trial and any suffering. Completion with our words, thinking, feeling and living actually transform and awaken the power of these four components within us. Everything is possible with completion because when these Four Powers are awakened - Words, Thinking, Feeling, and Living - they become invaluable gifts to help us create our own reality and become Jivan Muktis -- liberated beings. 7th January, 2014 Morning Satsang by Paramahamsa Nithyananda Watch TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today, I will continue to expand on the different great characters of Mahabharata and the great sacred secrets explained in the Mahabharata. Today is the sixth day of the twenty-third Inner Awakening, Level-2 second day. Yesterday we all had a session on the banks of the Ganga. Understand, Ganga is the great-grandmother of the Mahabharata. Bhishma is the "Pitamaha" "grandfather" of Mahabharata. Ganga is the mother of Bhishma. Actually, Ganga is, in a way, father and mother, both, of Bhishma, because Shantanu (Bhishma's father) did not bring up Bhishma. So, Ganga is the great-grandmother of Mahabharata. It is on the laps of the Ganges, it is on the banks of the Ganges, the whole Mahabharata started. Even just sitting on the banks of the Ganga heals us so much! Yesterday there was nothing; we didn't have big lessons or sessions; just some questions and answers, spending some time together; almost like getting to know each other and just sitting on the banks of the Ganga for half-an-hour or one hour. So much! I tell you, I HAPPENED on the banks of the Ganga! Please understand, I took birth in Tiruvannamalai, but I HAPPENED, I blossomed on the banks of the Ganga! Ganga is such a powerful energy! Ganga! Ganga is a River of Knowledge, River of Enlightenment! There are some shlokas which say "Just by drinking the water of Ganga you can get enlightened"! May be, when I was immature, I would have suspected, I would have doubted and felt that all these verses are out of demotion and devotion. But, after becoming a mature being, an incarnation, I will not dare to doubt these verses! I will only say they are literally true! With all my Integrity and Authenticity, I can speak with my Integrity and Authenticity, just by living around the Ganga, just by drinking the water of the Ganga, just by even remembering the Ganga's sacredness, one can become enlightened, because it is such a powerful technique, powerful method, powerful process! Don't think that just because I am on the banks of the Ganga I am floored by the Ganga and I am blabbering something. No! Ganga heals all the violence we carry, Ganga heals all the incompletions we carry. See, lust is an incompletion, anger is an incompletion, violence is an incompletion; all the incompletiions we carry, Ganga can purify, Ganga can really, really purify! I used to sit on the banks of the Ganga. Just seeing, I have realized oneness with Ganga. How the things float on the waters of the Ganga but do not pollute the Ganga, same way, I have seen the thoughts and incompletions floating in my inner-space do not make my inner-space polluted, they do not touch my inner-space. When you understand your incompletions are not powerful enough to make your inner-space incomplete, you become eternally complete. I can say, that experience I received from the Ganga, on the banks of the Ganga. It heals, heals, heals and brings love. Really, Ganga can bring tremendous love in our heart. I was wondering, can this Ganga have influence, special effects even on me who is always in the enlightened consciousness? But, I tell you with Integrity and Authenticity, it has! I may be, by default, residing in the enlightened consciousness, in my incarnation-hood; but even in me that kindling happens! From yesterday evening, I am all excited, as if I am in puppy love. Even mature love has lots of pros and cons, we have lots of thinking through, pros and cons: whether it will work out or not. Puppy love is the most sweetest love in life where you don't have any responsibility or ideas of making it work. I can say, from yesterday evening, I am in that space, as if I am seeing Ganga for the first time! Ganga's character in the Mahabharata is embodiment of Love and pure inner-space. From pure inner-space, dharma is born, understand. From the pure inner-space, dharma is born. That is why, they portray that Bhishma is born out of Ganga. But Dharma (Bhishma) should not go and sit with Self-Denial (Duryodhana) and eat the food of Self-Denial. From the beginning, you should not allow Self-Denial to be associated with you, with dharma, because Self-Denial sometimes becomes so powerful, it binds, it makes even dharma forget its purpose.

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