Yoga Webinar 2016: What you need to know about yoga

about 7 years ago


Yoga Webinar: What you need to know about yoga Swamiji opens up about Yoga and shares the things you have never been told about yoga. Yoga did not originate from Patanjali, as many people think. Patanjali is the organizer, not originator. With all my respect to Patanjali, at least 50.000 years before Patanjali, a being walked on the earth assuming the human form, just like all of us, Adi Guru Sada Shiva, is the founder of the original yoga system. There is enough detailed description, including yoga postures and breathing methods, written directly by Sada Shiva. Knowing the original source and original author is very important for keeping the purity of a tradition or knowledge branch. Knowing the originator, founding father, his intentions, revelations, knowledge about that is too important. Any knowledge branch will be only complete if intentions of author are revealed to the person studying. Second, which you have never been told, which you need to be aware. Always, as per original source, any practice you are asked to do …, original sources are available. Please understand, people who try to establish themselves as a branch of yoga have messed up yoga. What is going on with yoga? Understand, it can be used along with Pilates, sports, body building no problem. But it can not be diluted. Please understand. One of the important truth: yoga cannot be separated from Hinduism. It cannot be separated! Dilution is sampradaya droha, understand! People ask me: who is an authentic yoga teacher? I am clearing all doubts: all yoga practices are described with tremendous detail, accuracy, by Sada Shiva. You do not need anyone else to develop any of the yogic techniques and methods. Do not believe if someone says they developed from yoga – he only diluted. Nobody can develop Sada Shiva! He is complete for the past, present and future. He has seen all the possible bodies happened, happen, yet to happen. New kind of bodies are about to happen. Subtle brain grooves, more understanding. These new bodies are coming. Sada Shiva has created yoga even for the bodies which are about to come in the future. He knows the whole. No one can develop on Sada Shiva! You need to know very clearly, there are 3 kind of people teaching yoga: 1) who are claiming to teach from their personal experience. 2) who knows only the scriptures, does not have personal experience – pandits, scholars. Create less problems than those so called enlightened guru’s who do not abide by the scriptures are more dangerous for humanity than the people who are just abiding by the scriptures without enlightenment. Because they will never damage you. The so called enlightened beings, because they get your trust and authority. Feeling little more peace does not mean you have become enlightened! These so called enlightened masters are more dangerous than just the pandits, parrots who repeat from scripture directly. So called enlightened masters who don’t abide by original yogic literatures – they get one or two glimpse, because of that they receive authority and all their whims and fancies, you also follow! Very rare third category 3) who have a very solid enlightenment experience, who are authorities, responsible for what they are speaking, and also completely rooted, centered on yogic scriptures. Those are the rare beings from which you should be learning. Personal experience should always be in tune with experience of Rishi’s. A real Guru will have both and present both. Otherwise, if somebody says I only have my experience – please understand, don’t become prey to their advertising and immature ego. Atma Pramana, only when it is in tune with Apta Pramana, then it can be shared with the world as Sakshi Pramana. People who have personal experience – it may be good for them, but it may not be good for all of you. Third important truth you need to know have never been told. Yoga is not just the science of keeping you healthy. Yoga is the science of radiating enlightenment. It is not just for ability to stretch your body. Ability to manifestwhat you want. Not about making you better man, but about making you superman! Radiate powers immediately. Please understand, do not have patience with your practice. You have been given wrong instruction! No! If you have been asked to wait, you have been cheated. Yoga is a powerful alchemy system, gives result immediately as you start. Otherwise you are being cheated, that is not yoga. Quality of yoga is, even if it is practiced little, brings tremendous result immediately, day 1. By month 1 should manifest powers. If not, question teacher and system which has been given to you.

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