Yoga Webinar and Kriya for Inner Peace

June 21, 2015


A Special Webinar on the 1st International Yoga Day by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Includes Kriya for Inner Peace. Nithyananda addresses common misunderstandings about yoga - that yoga is only the physical postures, or that better health is the only purpose of yoga. What is yoga, and what is the purpose of yoga? And how do you know if the yoga you are practicing comes from an authentic source? Nithyananda gives this as a rule to follow for everyone practicing yoga: only accept yoga from a source where both the reference to the original scriptures and the personal experience of the teacher are present. If the reference to the origin is missing, the yoga you are practicing might harm you instead of benefit you. Nithyananda invites us all to go back to the source, to the original scriptures, and practice yoga authentically. Kriya for Inner Peace starts at 51:28 mins. This video links to: Inner Peace is Your Birth Right Life Bliss Meditation (Nithya Dhyan) - The Meditation Process

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